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Jonah's 1st Buck in Middle Georgia
Jeremy Swisher

Well on a whim I decided to head out to the tree stand after work and as soon as Jonah got home. We would only have an hour before sunset and then maybe 15 minutes after that where you can actually see something to shoot. I had talked with a buddy of mine and he suggested a different tree stand. I liked the idea for just something different and more chance to see hogs.

Deer Camp
Doug Humphreys

At best it was a simple domicile.  The primary piece of architecture was a trailer that had undoubtedly been saved from the junkyard.  Built onto the wreckage was a ten-by-twelve room that added space enough for a table and chairs and provided adequate room for a woodstove.

Pre-Vegetarian Turkey Hunt

I have read about the parent-child hunts on and they always bring a smile to my face.  There is something special about parent-child hunts.  Part of that “special” is that bring a family together to share the outdoors.  Not too many families do much together these days, let alone outdoor activities so it is good to see one generation passing the tradition of hunting down to the next.

Take the Kids Along

I do not have kids yet (thank God!), but when I do, I am going to struggle with not being able to take them hunting until they meet that magic age and maturity level. It is going to be hard to not take them out right off the bat and throw them into the mix. I am already struggling with not being able to take my niece and nephew out. My niece is getting close though and therefore I can not wait to get her out to accompany me for her first hunt.

Deer Hunting Story: California Junior Hunt Success
William Hays

It all started on a hot summer day in 2002, both of my daughters were drawn for a Northern California Junior Hunt.  Kristen, my oldest daughter was selected last year for a junior hunt on Fort Hunter Liggett, but, due to the September 11 attack, the hunt was canceled.  This year Heather, who just turned twelve, applied with her for the 7Xa area and they were drawn.

Patience and Luck

The 2006 spring turkey season had begun a couple of weeks earlier and I had already bagged a nice jake on the second Saturday of the season.  I planned on hunting again on another Saturday morning and was messing around with my gear in the garage when my oldest son came out and asked “Whatcha doin’?” I gave him that “here’s your sign” look and then realized he was actually interested in what I was doing. I started showing him my gear and calls, which resulted in answering multiple questions.

New Hunters are Born

So, after all my years of chasing game around the hills and mountains of Southern California, with a little slice of Ohio and South Carolina mixed in, it was finally time for me to pass the tradition forward.  My two sons had finally shown enough interest, and more importantly responsibility, for me to get them their hunting licenses. I started researching for a local hunter safety class and eventually found one pretty close to the house that would be given about a month away.

Sometimes It's More Fun Without the Gun

Growing up in a diehard hunting family I spent my fair share of time hunting with my Dad, brothers, uncles and cousins.  I always thought it was the greatest thing in the world when I would finally get invited along with the rest of the guys on their Saturday morning hunting trips.  As I got older my train of thought started switching. I finally thought of how cool it must have been for my dad to take me on those trips as well and I couldn't wait for the day my son would be able to accompany me.

The Push Button Call and a Sick Little Boy

Since my first son was born, 4 years ago, I have been waiting (not so patiently) until he was old enough to accompany me to the woods.  My wife is a full fledged city girl, and she tolerates my hunting, but could care less about it.  So it would be all up to me to get him motivated and into the sport, and she said as long as I didn’t “force” it upon him, she was fine with it.

Who Needs Turkey?

When I first started hunting many years ago with my father I had one thing on my mind when I went out... come back with something. No matter what I was hunting for I measured the success of a hunt by how heavy my game pouch was or what I had at the end of the rope I was dragging behind me. As I grew older I began to realize that it wasn't what I harvested but rather just the fact that I got out at all. I would be content sitting in a tree stand watching a family of racoons walk past or a squirrel climbing up my tree.