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South Dakota Bison Hunt

When I was in college, I was a student in a program; a field course. It was an experimental type of class designed to see how students learned the sciences in field situations in an effort to make teaching more productive. As this program evolved over the years, it changed. It eventually became a class emphasizing on teaching a new type of lifestyle. By teaching these students about sustainable land use, conservation ethics and urban development, we could in fact; produce workers educated enough to deal with our modern day dilemmas.

Where It All Started

How did this whole "hunting" thing ever get started in a young boy growing up in Kendrick, Idaho?  Our family moved from Seattle, WA to this little Northern Idaho community when I was only 8 years old. My dad, a minister, was not a hunter and did not own a gun.  I had never shot a gun; had never even held one, but I somehow knew I needed one. It wasn't long before I badgered my Dad into buying me my first rifle, a Daisy BB gun.

14 Year Old's Spring Black Bear Hunt

On a Saturday Morning at my first SCI Convention, I found myself as one of maybe the first 50 to 75 people rolling in after a long night in Reno.  One of the first donation hunts up for auction was a Spring Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt in British Columbia.  I was not there for this hunt, but it was such an incredible deal that I had to grab it.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to spend time with my 14 year old son in the middle of nowhere and get him a shot at a Big Game Animal after years of being at my side on Deer Hunts.

Daughter's First Big Game Hunt - Idaho Black Bear

Hunting with Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, my daughter was able to harvest her first big game animal, Black Bear.  She fought terrible wet weather and managed to fight through until she got her Bear on the last day of the hunt. Tim Abell with ESPN Outdoors was there filming an injured veteran on a hunt and this little girl was able to stick it out with the pros. She used her Remington Model 700, .270 with a Zeiss Scope that only her hands were used to sight in every click. This truly was her hunt with her gun.

Daughter's First Elk
Dalon Burford

Every year I wait in desperation for California big game results in late June. My wife, three children and I all put in for deer, antelope and elk. Fifteen chances we were bound to get something! My dad called me with results available, when I happened to be out of town with my other two hunting partners; one at a time my dad read the three of us our unsuccessful drawing results. Crushed again, with my family left to be read, I still have twelve more chances! Once again unsuccessful results were read, until he read the last draw.

Big Game Hunter in Training
Mike Skelly

Last year was my son’s first year of hunting.  You have to be 12 to hold any hunting license at all in NY and at least 14 to hunt big game.  The biggest game that a 12 or 13 year old can harvest in NY are turkeys and Canadian geese, so that is what we chased.  It was the best preparation for big game hunting that I could come up with to reinforce safe gun handling, stalking, and the hard, hard lesson of patiently waiting in a blind. 

A Successful Stalk and a Unicorn Buck
Mike Skelly

My boy's first stalk:

Late in 2005, there was +/- six inches of fresh powdery snow muffling my footprints as I hunted. I was hunting my way home and stalked up to 3 does bedded not far from my home. I didn’t have a doe tag. He was just eight years old. I went home and asked if he wanted to see some deer and bundled in our boots, mittens, jackets and snow suit; I brought him within sight of those does. The first he had seen in the woods. We watched them for long minutes and he took several pictures with a cheap disposable camera I carried in my day pack at that time.

Two Turkeys With One Shell, and an Arrow...Sort of...
Mike Skelly

Hardcore turkey hunters will probably not appreciate my method of turkey hunting or the fact that I took young birds.  But with only one bird to my credit life to date at the time of the hunt, I was thrilled to take any turkeys that I could legally harvest, so here is the story of how I took two birds with one shell…well and an arrow, but that hardly counts.

First Solo Hunt

I remember the early mornings and late afternoons sitting in the stand with my dad. Watching and observing his every action and learning from the advice he had to give. Sitting side by side looking down lanes in attempt to spot the deer before him. I sat in the stand with my Remington 20 gauge youth shot gun and waited with anticipation for a deer to present a shot. At that time I had yet to harvest my first deer and was willing to take the first deer that came within range.

Country Living and Back Yard Hunting
James R. Jones

Add a house in the country mix, in a great family and then throw in various wildlife in the back yard and it adds up to my American Dream. We got orders to FT Campbell a few years back. So my wife and I decided to look for a house of our own, we did not want to rent, we wanted something permanent. Of course a major requirement for our house was country living with wildlife. So I was in Korea when my wife took a road trip to Clarksville to meet our real estate agent to look at some houses.