Wyoming Hunting Photos & Stories

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Hunting the Wyoming Big Horn Mountains
Curt Mayer
There is nothing like hunting in the Big Horns around Ten Sleep, Wyoming. My friends and I had a very good year hunting in Ten Sleep and Kaycee, Wyoming. It all started out on October 18th. My friends Parker and Josh Lyman of Ten Sleep started our year off with a bang on the first day.
Three Hour Archery Antelope Hunt
Steve Schulz
Another scorching hot August day found myself again in a blind attempting to ambush an antelope wandering in for a drink. There were a few differences this year from years past, that being there had been quite a few rain showers just prior to the August 15th opener, filling up all the ponds.
A Bad Night in Yellowstone
Norm 'Leep' Leeper Jr.
It is odd that I would be here, in this hospital bed, writing this story. Odder yet, that I am alive yet to tell it. But if I do not, it won't get told. Camping: it is something I usually enjoy very much, but this night, as many others, I was in enough pain to make it look less than attractive.
From Coyotes to Crows
Heather Moore
After our month long archery season in Oregon ended, my husband and I hadn't gotten enough hunting in. Since I was the only one that got a deer, and he had to wait until late season to try and archery hunt again, we had to find something to fill our time. Our friend had just gotten a new coyote caller, and we thought we would give it a try. We had seen a few coyotes when we were archery hunting and thought the area would be good to try, who knows, maybe we would see that bear we had on our game camera.
Wyoming Archery Mule Deer Hunt
Steve Schulz
My first morning out this year found myself on a vantage point I'd been to many times in the past, picking apart the sagebrush and rocks in an attempt to find the greatest western iconic trophy, the mule deer. It was not long before I started to find a few decent bucks that needed a closer evaluation.
Wyoming Antelope Hunt
Dave Fisher
I shot this goat in North East Wyoming, October 2006. He was taken with a Remington .270, 130 gr accu tip at 237 yards.
Dad's First Elk
Chad McDonald
My Dad and I drew Elk Tags for Wyoming in 2000 and went with an outfitter that was known for great service and quality hunts. My dad and I worked all summer getting shape as we had hunted elk for many years without success and we were not going to let our condition get in the way. On the first day of our hunt Dad was the "1st Choice" shooter. Our guide had us on elk within 20 min and we worked up the draw after them. The big bull in the bunch looked good. Just when we were 200 yards out with only one hill to climb up, another herd of elk came over the ridge and our little herd went up to join them! They bedded down and we took some pictures as we climbed the 2 1/2 miles up the long way! Thank God that we had been doing lots of walking and hiking!