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Dad's First Pronghorn
Marty Sup

My dad is the one to blame for getting me into hunting, well blame is a harsh word but that's what my Mom always tells him. I personally thank him for getting me started in hunting as it has become a great passion for me. From waterfowl to big game, I hunt it all and I thank him for introducing me to the outdoors. Although we hunt elk and deer every year it has been 20+ years since my Dad has harvested an animal. We have always thought that hunting was more about time together in the field than the kill itself, so with that alot times he walks around without even loading his gun.

My First Pronghorn

2009 brought my first opportunity to chase pronghorn; the wary king of the prairie. I was happy to find out that my Grandpa would be accompanying us on the hunt. We got on the road after my brother and I finished classes on Friday. It took us a few hours to make our way up to Wyoming and we had camp set in time to go out on an evening hunt. My brother had won the contest to see who would get to hunt first and he ended up taking a young buck that evening.

Wife's First Antelope
Marty Sup

I took my wife (Jamie) antelope hunting for the first time in 2009.  She has been elk hunting and waterfowl hunting, but this would be her first time chasing goats.  After the 1st day and half of hunting and a couple of missed shots, one shot was a stretch and another should have been a slam dunk, but she is a trooper and I had faith in her.  After her second miss we went back to camp and I placed a milk jug at 150 yards and she smoked it and I think it renewed her confidence. 

Antelope Hunt: Wyoming Double
Marty Sup

The 2009 antelope rifle season started out with all intentions of getting my wife (Jamie) her first big game animal.  We set up on a natural water spring, that we watch all the antelope go to during archery season.  I put her in a postion to have a very resonable shot distance of probably less that 150 yards. 

Wyoming Antelope Hunt
George W. Mitchell
Excitement mounted as the hunt neared. I had planned to fly into Rapid City, arriving the afternoon of the day before hunt and drive to Gillette. I felt this would give me some time to settle in. Well, so much for plans, after hours of fight delays I arrived in Rapid City at 9:30 at night only to find my hunting gear and rifle were no where to be found.
Archery Hunt in August's Sweltering Heat
Steve Schulz
As the mercury steadily rose outside it was easily 10 degrees higher in the blind, I was tucked in awaiting the arrival of thirsty antelope. The hotter it got the more uncomfortable it became inside the blind which now was turning out to be a sweat box. I'm not really sure, but while inside that 70x70x90 sweat box a buddy of mine texted me telling me it was 92 degrees out. Not sure but I don't really think he was simply informing me of the fact more so than getting a little enjoyment out of the misery I'd intentionally placed myself in.
Don’t Sell the Farm in the Rockies
Garry Steiner
At fourteen thousand feet we watched the elk heard move across the meadow and bed down at the edge of a rocky outcropping. After a long and arduous hike we position ourselves above, and a few hundred yards away from the biggest bull elk in the sleeping herd. We waited diligently for two hours. Finally, the bull stood up and turned for a nice broad side shot. The shot rang out in the thin mountain air shattering the silence and scattering the elk herd into the spruce trees.
Wyoming Rifle Elk Hunt
Steve Schulz
After my failed attempt at arrowing a bull in September, I found myself packing for the rifle season the 14th of October. Just to make things worse it was the day after a massive early snow storm had just rolled through and dumped over a foot of the snow. Knowing this and assuming there was a lot more snow on the mountain, I was positive the elk wouldn't be where I normally prowl the timber.
August Heat: Wyoming Antelope Hunt
Steve Schulz
The heat of the August sun began to turn my blind into an almost unbearable sweat box in short order with every minute. However knowing that the hotter I got the thirstier the antelope were getting, and knowing that I had capitalized on a solar well that was miles from any other water source, was somewhat refreshing, but not much.
Wyoming Trophy Bull Elk
Flint Flesher
This bull elk was shot up the North Fork, out of Cody Wyoming in 2007. He gross scores 421, but after a deduction for his seventh tine he drops down to 401. He is 3/8 inch short on the one tine to be non typical.