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It Was a Long Shot, But . . .
Jerry Beach

  The year was 1999.

  With his wife, Donna, my buddy Steve headed out to Wyoming for their second year of Mule Deer hunting.

  Traveling in a caravan with four other rigs, they would be living in their 5th wheel camper – not exactly “roughing it”, but still a far cry from the comforts of home, or even their cabin in northern Michigan.

A Little Help From Above
Courtney Scott

I had a little help from above out in Wyoming this year. My dad, my best hunting partner and best friend, died out of the blue on June 4th this past summer.  It really knocked me on my knees for awhile.  We'd been going out to Wyoming the last four years chasing deer and antelope and this fall was to be our fifth year in a row.  In fact, the last time I saw him we were talking about this year’s trip and when we’d be getting our tags in the mail.

Trophy Pronghorn Hunt

Horns alone do not make a trophy.  There is more to an animal than its horns or rack that make a trophy animal.  The hunt itself dictates in part whether or not an animal is a trophy.
This was the case with my third antelope hunt.  The pronghorn antelope I took was not the biggest, but he is the one I have hanging on my wall.  His horns will not make book, but they are representative of the species and well, he is just a darn good looking example of the pronghorn antelope.

Wyoming Mountain Goat Hunt

Yes, the title, Wyoming Mountain Goat Hunt is a bit misleading.  I will admit to it right here.  It is just my feeble attempt at being clever and grabbing your attention.  Now, I won’t come out and say that it is entirely inaccurate because pronghorn antelope are often referred to as “goats” and I did take it on a mountain.  Here is the story.

Go West Young Man

I am a transplant in Kansas from the East Coast.  I hunted strictly with a bow in my home state of Maryland because there were few areas that you could use a rifle.  Firearms season was limited to shot guns and I just don’t enjoy using a shotgun so I stuck with the bow.
This changed when I moved to Kansas.  After being here for a while I struck up a friendship with some hunters who traveled to Wyoming each year to antelope hunt.  They suggested that I join them and I quickly agreed.  Only one problem, I didn’t have a rifle.

1st Antelope
Marty Sup

I have always been an elk and deer hunter, but early in 2006 my good buddy that I hunt waterfowl with asked me if I wanted to go on an antelope hunt in Wyoming that year.  I never turn down a chance to hunt a new form of quarry.  Up to this time I had only hunted big game in Colorado, so filling out another state's big game application looked Greek to me.  I finally got it done and even though you are allowed to apply for two doe tags I choose to just apply for one....did not want to seem too greedy.  This will come back to bite me later in the year.

An Eye Opening First Antelope Hunt

My cousin Dan loves hunting. The rest of our family brought him into the tradition four years ago and he has never looked back. He is a busy guy though, working a full-time job, figuring out the nuances of a new marriage and trying to break into the city fire fighting scene. So preparation for hunting sometimes takes a back seat for Dan. I’m not going to lie, he plain and simple doesn’t get out as much as I would like to practice with his rifle every year (sadly, I fear, like a large proportion of hunters in this country).

Bear Mountain and a Menu of Weather

We left Topeka, Kansas at 3am and arrived in Cokeville, Wyoming around 5:18 pm.  There we met Neil a gregarious game warden full of experience and a willingness to share them. 

We were following Neil on the dirt road through the forest to the bait sites. The sun was low and it was affecting visibility so between the sun and Neil's break-neck pace it was hard to see him. We were moving right along when suddenly it felt as if the bottom dropped out from us and we stopped.

I got out and my friend Chris's truck was deep in a mud hole - high-centered.

Pappy's First Antelope

I have heard many a time that pronghorn hunting is one of the best forms of hunting to introduce new hunters to. Well after hunting for eight years before going on my first antelope hunt, I can see why people say this. It is a very visual type of hunting, and if the hunter makes a mistake and gets busted, there are usually many other opportunities to be pursued. 2009 brought my family's first pronghorn hunt. And it was a successful one with my dad, my brother and me all filling our doe tags. This is the story of my dad's first antelope.

1st Bow Kill
Marty Sup

When I originally picked up bowhunting it was all about taking an elk with a bow, but after 5 years and many close calls I have yet to seal the deal on an elk.  When the 2007 season rolled around I was just recovering from my archery related injury and had only been shooting my bow for about a month or so.  I was so looking forward to elk season, but was really excited that antelope season in Wyoming was to start first.  I was going to use this as another warm up for elk, plus I could take the time in the field to practice some more shooting.