Wrong Decoy

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This past Christmas my Dad's Christmas wish list included a turkey or rabbit decoy. Being the daughter of this Pennsylvania hunter, I set off to the local sporting goods store to buy his gift. I was looking at a rabbit decoy and two turkey decoys. After studying the two turkey decoys and not seeing any real differences, I made my selection and off I went.

On Christmas day, Dad opened his present and was puzzled that it had two heads. Maybe we thought for different poses. Then we noted two distinct body forms and that one head was fancy and the other one plain. It was about then that we saw the writing on the box - "Mating Pair." As I became very embarrassed I asked what it was for anyway and my Mother said that they wanted the decoy for a lawn ornament. She hasn't laughed this hard in a very long time.


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NIce! I could just hear some

NIce! I could just hear some of the comments now LOL.

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Thats a pretty funny story,

Thats a pretty funny story, thanks for sharing