The Wisconsin Story Deer

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I have hunted since I was 13 years old when my father sat me by a tree and left me. He told me not to move as he'd never be able to find me if I did. It sounds more horrible than it was as it was a public hunting area with a lot of hunting pressure. My father had left work at 12:00 o'clock on Friday, picked us two boys up from school and drove 200 miles. We slept in the car and drove around until we found a lot of campers and deer in the headlights. Of course we were in unfamiliar territory, yet my father had been to the area as a child trapping with his folks. You see, I was being taught to use hunting pressure by people other than those in my party. We didn't spend a lot of time hunting in my family at that time, and my Dad was going because of his sons. We just went down the road a piece and went hunting.

He always took us to places by a creek and that way we'd have a road and a creek as borders so we wouldn't get lost. I'd always get left first, in some clearing with several entwined trails and due to my nature, I suppose, I was content to stay there. I usually saw deer, and frequently shot them. They weren't the biggest but they were deer. I used a 30-40 kraig that belonged to my uncle and he only had 13 shells. I never target practiced and those shells lasted several years. It had no safety and I walked around with the bolt open. I shot four deer with that gun.

I have changed a lot in my hunting tactics, sometimes. I still enjoy hunting unfamiliar places but I do scout now and then. I guess I just like getting out and walking around. I also have an assortment of fire power with a wide range in value. I have a Glenfield model 30 that was 50$ brand new, a Remington 700 BDL 30-06, a BRA 270 and a single shot Partner shotgun which I purchased for about 125$. The shotgun shoots 3" sabot slugs and packs a wallop, for me and the deer. I remember bringing it home and shooting my first 3" rifled slug through it. I heard and felt all my vertebrates grind with the recoil. I put a folded towel on my shoulder and wondered what had possessed me to buy such a gun. My son had to explain to me that I was holding the gun too tight and that's why I was feeling the recoil so much. Now I can shoot it in a tee shirt and it's unbelievable the difference that it makes. I like to let the young tough men shoot it as it's an eye opener until you learn to relax with it.

I talk about deer hunting at work along with everywhere else I happen to be, and I learn things that I haven't heard before. Like the night that a fellow worker told me that his sister was going deer hunting with a gun the following day. The strange thing about it is that the season wasn't in the regulation book. We have a newly created CWD season where I live and the DNR had all the information about it in a separate CWD regulation book. I work the third shift so I went home after work and slept until 11:00 o'clock. I called the local sporting goods store, when I awoke, about the season and yes if I'd come in and buy my license I could go deer hunting for a deer with a gun that same day. I could shoot bucks too, and the state would give me free extra tags.

So due to my upbringing I marched over and bought me a tag. I'll admit that I had been scouting a bit on public land near my home and had jumped several deer in a swamp. It was the first day of pheasant season and as the DNR was releasing pheasants in that area I knew that I'd have a lot of unknown drivers, (people walking around to chase me deer). At about 1:00 o'clock I found myself parking my car and loading my 125$ shotgun with a 3" Federal sabot. I slowly walked out across a shin deep swamp, up past a corn field into the woods and right under an archer. There were dogs running every where. I continued until I found the trail that I had observed a deer run through and sat on a fallen tree with my feet in about 8" of water. Remember that I had not even known there was a season until the night before while I was at work. I had just purchased my license on the way to the hunting area and I was the only man in the area with a shotgun for deer.

I guess that as soon as I left the archer, a deer had run by him and he shot it with an arrow. However his arrow was deflected a little and he ended up with a gut shot. I of course didn't know this at the time and was enjoying my rest. That deer almost got by me. At first all I could see, was his antlers going through the swamp grass and so I stood up. I hit him just in front of the hind leg and it exited through his chest. He dropped like a rock. I don't shoot a lot of big deer as I always hunt public land, so the first thing I did was call my wife and then my brother. I knew I'd need help getting this fellow out. I no more than put my phone away when the archer came out of the woods on his trail. He didn't know about the gun season either but he knew that he had gut shot the animal. When I first walked up to the deer I had seen a bit of blood high up just ahead of the ham but I thought that the deer had maybe threw it's bloody head around and got the blood on his side. The archer was a pro and he didn't whine about me stealing his deer. All he wanted was some pictures of it as it was the biggest that he had hit with an arrow. When I cleaned it I gave him the top half of his arrow which was still in it's entrails. He helped me drag it about 30 yards and watched it while I went to the van and got my sled. It was a job for an overweight me and my overweight brother to drag it to the van. We're both in our mid 50"s. All the pheasant hunters and archers in the parking lot were angry when they found out that deer season was open. That "*****" DNR they said.

If this sounds a little like a tall tale, it none the less is true. I guess this kind of hunting had something to do with my roots and just maybe a little about luck. If you don't believe in luck you can read about situations like this in the Bible too.


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a keeper

You've got yourself a keeper there and a wide one to boot! I agree with both you and the bow hunter, it's last shot that is the "winning" one with any deer hunted/shot by multiple hunters. Everyone has the opportunity to drop a deer in it's tracks and the man who does, gets the deer. 

Great story, thanks for telling it!

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Nice buck, great story.

Nice buck, great story.

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great story, thanks

great story, thanks

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He's nice and wide