Wisconsin Hunting Photos & Stories

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New Hunting Grounds
Dale Noble

Well, this year I lost my usual hunting spot. The group of guys I was hunting with lost some of their land, so it was getting too crowded. So, I had to find a new spot and wasn't sure of anything until 3 days before season opened!

On Thursday after work, I found what I thought might be a good spot and went back on Friday to set up a stand. I know, not a smart thing to be doing the day before season, but I didn't have any other choice. So Saturday morning, I didn't have a lot of hope. It was really quiet! Didn't hear any shooting all morning for what seemed to be 3 miles around me.

My Last Year Hunting in the Wisconsin Northwoods

My last and final year in hunting the Wisconsin north woods came with a unique twist as due to a ranching accident in Montana I was confined to the use of crutches for the hunting season. I had gotten lucky in meeting someone who had worked for an outfitter guest ranch in Montana and after a few phone calls and references from my friend I was rewarded with a job out west at the age of 16.

My Second Year Big Game Hunting

This story starts up with my second year of big game hunting where the first one left off.  After my success with the button buck in my first year I couldn't wait for the next season to begin. I practiced hard all summer to boost my accuracy with my bow on an old stack of hay bales all the way out to 30 yards. This time I was able to walk to my tree stand from my dad's work in about 15 minutes, so it was much easier to hunt frequently. The spot was not as good but there were definately a few deer using the trail I sat up on.

First Deer Hunt

Since I've been around for awhile now I decided to go back and tell about when I was younger and how I got started hunting and loving the outdoors. Although I was born a Yooper in upper Michigan we moved out into the woods of northern Wisconsin when I was 9 years old. My mom and dad both worked and at a very early age I was left by myself with no siblings, to run around with a single shot .22 hunting squirrels all day long. I remember working all summer on local dairy farms for a dollar an hour to save up and buy a bow for my first deer season.

Successful Wisconsin Archery Hunt - Monster 10 Point
Michael Purcell

My second year bow hunting in Wisconsin proved to be a very successful one and to make it even better; the first buck I took in WI is also the largest buck I have ever taken!  My first year bow hunting in WI was a blast.  I saw lots of deer and most importantly spent quality time with my girlfriends father (Gordy)(future father-in-law) and  his friends. I was looking forward to my second year of bow hunting in WI and was going to spend two weeks up there this time.

Bear Baiting Self Taught 101

After seven years of applying for a black bear tag in the state of Wisconsin I finally was chosen for a kill tag.  I have no idea what I'm getting into other than I am going to attempt to get myself a black bear.  I found a friend that had a two foot chunk of a tree stump that was hollowed out all the way thru the center. I proceeded to find a spot on this Private 40 acre parcel of swamp land that I earlier received permission to hunt.

Father-Son Hunt to Remember
Steve and Scott Foate
There comes a time in a man's life when he finds and shares an experience of a lifetime. That situation came to fruition for me last year during gun season with my son Kevin. Each year, as I sit in my stand and daydream of the big bucks that hide out in our part of the country, I paint a vivid picture of the situation that every father dreams of having.
Korean Pheasant Hunt
Elisse & Dan Clark
My husband and I hunted pheasant recently (March 2008) on Jeju Island, in Korea! Dan is US Army Retired, and had told me how he had hunted there when he was stationed in Korea many years ago... back when Jeju (or Cheju as it is sometimes spelled) was basically wilderness... Jeju Island is now a vacation paradise of 5-star resorts, but there is still hunting (even for foreign tourists!) at the Daeyoo Land Hunting Preserve! I was planning our very belated "Honeymoon" in Asia, and I was determined to finally get to go hunting with my husband!
Bowhunting Success in Wisconsin
Jeff Dorn
My buck was shot in Sauk county Wisconsin; it was during the 2006 bowhunting season. It was early October and the rut had not started yet. He presented me with about a 20 yard shot quartering away in a cut hay field. He weighed 250 lbs and has 9 points scoring 130 B/C.