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The Hog Hunt of Love

Every hunt has a specific part of it that makes it truly unique from other hunts I've gone on over the years. This hunt brought together my four closest hunting buddies at a time in our lives when we were still excitable and irresponsible and remains one of my funnest memories of my teenage years.

Hog Hunting With Old Friends

My friendship with Brad began when we were both beginning college. It was in both our natures to have total wanderlust and travel the world and hunt everything that came across our paths. We met on an internet hunting website when the idea was still fledgling and we decided to get together and hunt some stuff.

Another Great Hog Hunt
Ed T.

Well, we made our fifth annual hog hunting trip and third to the same place in the Wrightsville, Georgia area. As with our previous two trips to this camp, we had an absolutely great time. My friend Don traveled down from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to meet up with my Buddy Al and I for the trip down to Georgia.

SKS Carbine - A Hidden Gem
Mike Skelly

The SKS is a hidden gem as a relatively inexpensive semiautomatic deer rifle. 

SKS rifles were developed by the Soviet Union’s Sergei Gavrilivich Simonov in 1945. The Samazaryadyi Karabin Simonova (Self-loading carbine Siminov) saw military use with the Soviet Union only briefly as a front line weapon being almost immediately replaced by the AK47 which is chambered with the same 7.62x39 cartridge. But millions of the carbines were made as second line weapons and the technology was widely distributed to soviet bloc nations throughout the 1950s.

Huntin' Hogs
Ed T.

An expert, I ain't, but that sure does not keep me from enjoying some serious hog hunting. I'd wanted to hunt wild boars for about as long as I can remember and I finally took the step, along with a couple of Buddies in 2007. We went to a place near Waynesboro, Ga. and we had a blast. Between the three of us we took two hogs, what most call meat hogs of around 80 lbs. One of them, the first, ended up being shot with ALL four hunters present and at a range of about 5 yds, no kidding!

Charged by a European Wild Boar in the German Forest
James R. Jones

Yes I admit I have a fascination, if not an obsession with the European Wild Boar. It all started when I was a young Army soldier stationed in Germany, my first duty station from 1989 to 1992.  Our dismounted stinger missile section, four of us at the time, was ordered to conduct a (training) dismounted patrol through heavily forested training area.  We had been warned that there were wild boars who inhabit the area.  But us, as young men, 19 and 20 years old, and Army soldiers at that, we were indestructible and fearless, right. 

Hunting Camp
Ed T.

Is there anything better? If it ain't family or Grandkids; I, for one, am not buying it. There's just something very special about a hunting camp, whether it be for deer, hogs, bear, or whatever. My very first deer hunts were done away from home in a camp with some very interesting characters. They were all around my Dad's age and to the man, always treated "Little Eddie" well enough. Actually they probably treated me extra good, remembering they way they talked to each other...lol.

For those of you that read my story, The Old Days, you will recall that I said the story had a later happy ending. This is the story of that happy ending. Fast forward a decade and you will find my dad still reeling from having missed so many times on our wild boar hunting trip in Tennessee.
The Old Days

As I started to pen this story I realized how much hunting has changed, at least for me.  For example, when I decided to go wild boar hunting back in 1982 I could not jump on the internet and do research.  It may have been invented or not, but at any rate it wasn’t available to the public.  There was not the plethora of hunting shows like there are today so we did not even have that to fall back on.  As a side note, I recall the hunting shows back then did not show the kill shots.  Just was not acceptable for television to show kill shots.

Lessons from "The Bottom" to the Top

So one day I’m sitting at home messing around the house and my phone rings out of the blue. I answer and hear my longtime hunting buddy on the other end. He is all excited about an opportunity to hunt pigs at a decent price and wants me to go along with him and his son. Apparently, he read an ad in one of our fishing and hunting magazines and called the guy to see if it was a misprint. You see, most hunting for pigs is either a guided hunt or on private property. Either option will usually empty your pocket in the tune of $400-800!