Wild Hog Hunting Photos & Stories

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Lower Michigan Wild Boar Hunt
Al Schultz
On October 12th, 2008 I had the pleasure of going on a Russian Wild Boar hunt for disabled hunters in lower Michigan. I used a 50 cal. blackpowder rifle. It was a once in a lifetime hunt for me, it was wonderful. I had a great time with the whole hunt.
Georgia Hog Hunt Success
Sandi Bennett
My first hog hunt was truly a day I will never forget. It was Saturday January 17, 2009 and, according to The Weather Channel, the coldest it's been in our area in three years. We were camping on the Altamaha River with a group of friends. I was wearing several layers of clothing, but it was still very cold. My husband and I walked for a couple of hours in the morning and only saw one raccoon although we saw lots of sign that hogs were in the area.
California Boar Hunt
Scot Watkins
This 270 lb boar was taken in Santa Barbara County, California on October 29, 2008. My buddy Mike Becerra and I had spent some time scouting out this vineyard the weekend before, and found some large pig hoof prints in the mud around a irrigation pond. We decided to come back in a few days early in the morning to try and catch any sign of pigs coming of it for water.
Julie and Tom's Texas Pig Hunt
R. Tom Swezey
When Julie, my wife, over heard me talking with a hunting buddy about going hog hunting in Texas she expressed an interest in going also. Julie bird hunts with me all the time but never expressed an interest in bigger game. I jumped at the chance to get her ready for our Texas hog hunt. Since most of my rifles carry a pretty stout kick I decided to do some research and come up with a new 'outfit' for Julie's first hog hunt.
Louisiana Hog Hunt
Smokie and Bean Broussard
This wild hog was killed near Avery Island, Louisiana by Smokie Broussard along with cousin, Bean Broussard. Hog weighed in at 312 lbs. Smokie on left of hog and Bean on right.