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Hunting Camp
Ed T.

Is there anything better? If it ain't family or Grandkids; I, for one, am not buying it. There's just something very special about a hunting camp, whether it be for deer, hogs, bear, or whatever. My very first deer hunts were done away from home in a camp with some very interesting characters. They were all around my Dad's age and to the man, always treated "Little Eddie" well enough. Actually they probably treated me extra good, remembering they way they talked to each other...lol.

Successful Wisconsin Archery Hunt - Monster 10 Point
Michael Purcell

My second year bow hunting in Wisconsin proved to be a very successful one and to make it even better; the first buck I took in WI is also the largest buck I have ever taken!  My first year bow hunting in WI was a blast.  I saw lots of deer and most importantly spent quality time with my girlfriends father (Gordy)(future father-in-law) and  his friends. I was looking forward to my second year of bow hunting in WI and was going to spend two weeks up there this time.

Dad's Big Eight

Back in the late 80’s, my father and I had permission to hunt a good sized chunk of land close to our house in northern Vermont.  We saw lots of good deer there, and very few hunters.  However, all that changed when we actually shot a deer or two.  Word got out, and as it always happens, more hunters found their way into the property.  The owner didn’t seem to mind giving out permission, since he lived 50 miles away and never really visited the property.  He never thought about the effect that lots of hunters would have.

The Christmas Tree Buck: Saga of the Gun Continues

As told in another story, my grandfather always hunted with a side by side 12 gauge that he got in Europe in the 40’s, and would keep one side filled with buckshot, and the other with birdshot.  In his eyes, a dead partridge was more likely than a dead deer on any given trip.

Jonah's 1st Buck in Middle Georgia
Jeremy Swisher

Well on a whim I decided to head out to the tree stand after work and as soon as Jonah got home. We would only have an hour before sunset and then maybe 15 minutes after that where you can actually see something to shoot. I had talked with a buddy of mine and he suggested a different tree stand. I liked the idea for just something different and more chance to see hogs.

Deer Camp
Doug Humphreys

At best it was a simple domicile.  The primary piece of architecture was a trailer that had undoubtedly been saved from the junkyard.  Built onto the wreckage was a ten-by-twelve room that added space enough for a table and chairs and provided adequate room for a woodstove.

The Heart of a Hunter
Jim Boyd

October 2009.
The bow shot was true.
The arrow passed between the ribs on one side, through both lungs and broke a rib as it exited the other side.

The Before and After Buck

Well, in northeastern Maine, it’s been tough in recent years (decades).  The deer population had plummeted, and just seeing a deer is a good thing.  The days of doe permits are long gone, and any buck seen is a trophy.  That is the attitude that most hunters there take, including myself and my Uncle.  He has hunted the woods of northeastern Maine for his entire life, pushing close to half a century.  He has taken a 252 lb 8 point, and a few other really nice deer.  But for him, it’s about food and family. 

Country Club Hunting

There is a little more to this story than just the hunt.  I need to share a little background about the spot that I call the "country club honey hole" and how it came about for me to hunt there.

The Saga of the Gun - Gramp's Big Buck

It all started in the mid-40’s.  My Grandfather was stationed in Europe, and before he came home at the end of the war, he picked up a nice side by side 12 gauge.  He was a hunter by necessity, as at that time, most of the people living in the country in America still hunted for food.  It was just part of the way of life.