Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Trade: An Elk for a White-Tail

The White-tailed deer is king in this country. More hunters take to the fall every year in search of the deer with the distinctive white flag for a tail than any other big game animal. More White-tails are harvested each year than any other hunted big game animal. But it seems that the western species such as mule deer and elk are romanticized above all others. Some may call me and my family lucky because we get the opportunity to hunt our state for elk every year. And I will not deny that this opportunity is a gift.

What Makes a Successful Hunt?
Ed T.

What makes a hunt a successful one? Do you have to harvest to make it a memorable one? Do you have to travel far from home to make any hunt a special one? Or does seeing someone within your party experience something special mean enough to call a hunt a resounding success!!? Well, I will have to say that I want to be successful (harvest an animal) as much as the next fella, but I've come to realize that success in hunting is not only judged by adding another head on the wall.

Rookie with Buck Fever vs Tactical Patience
James R. Jones

I think we all have one of those hunting days that come in our lives that we would give anything to be able to live again. That day for me came as a rookie deer hunter a couple years back.

Country Living and Back Yard Hunting
James R. Jones

Add a house in the country mix, in a great family and then throw in various wildlife in the back yard and it adds up to my American Dream. We got orders to FT Campbell a few years back. So my wife and I decided to look for a house of our own, we did not want to rent, we wanted something permanent. Of course a major requirement for our house was country living with wildlife. So I was in Korea when my wife took a road trip to Clarksville to meet our real estate agent to look at some houses.

Knock, Knock, Knock
Jim Boyd

Knock, knock, knock.
Groggy, my brother looked at the clock beside the bed – 2:57 am.
What in the world???
Stumbling to the door and flipping on the outside light, Ronnie finds a guy he does not know standing there on the porch. In the cold pre-dawn of a 17 degree morning January morning, he wears jeans and a flannel shirt.
Cracking the door open, Ronnie peers out.

Tony the Yankee - and the "Lost" Ten Pointer
Jim Boyd

Tony wanted this buck - and wanted him badly!
A great ten pointer, for a guy who had only been deer hunting for two years now - would put a wonderful cap on a season that had already seen two does harvested but no bucks. In fact, the only buck Tony had ever taken was a smallish six pointer the year before.
He had seen this ten pointer twice in person already - but both times could not get an ethical shot - and he had him on trail cam numerous times. It was cold, it was late in November and the time was right - Tony could feel it in the air!!

Foggy Morning Buck Down
Jerry Beach

  I couldn’t believe it; I was lost.

  Well, not really lost – as in not knowing where I was or how to get home – but I couldn’t find my stand – and I knew I had to be very close to it.

  It was a large, wooden platform about 18 feet up in a big White Pine.

First Michigan Buck of 2010
TJ Brubaker

The start of 2010 deer season was upon me. I usually just hunt my home state of Indiana, but this year I moved to MI about 30 minutes from the Michigan/Indiana line.   I just acquired permission to hunt a farm in southwest Michigan.  October 1st was season opener, it was on a Friday this year.  I usually hop over to some public land and smack a doe the first day. But this year my work schedule has changed. I wouldn't get off work till 4:00 PM and would have an hour to drive there.

Tommy - The King of the Forest
Jim Boyd

Tommy was never going to be classified as a great deer hunter.
Or a fisherman, for that matter.
Tommy was hard luck in both of these departments... always had been and I suspect he always will be.

Heart of a Hunter II
Jim Boyd
We recently visited with Doug (see Hunting Story "Heart of a Hunter") as he recovered from a 2009 bowhunting accident in which he fell, was injured fairly badly and the spent the early part of 2010 recovering from the event.