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Hunting With a Cetme
Mike Skelly

The Cetme is a Keeper

Opening morning of 2006 deer season I watched a trail on top of the hill near the large pines. When I was cold and stiff and could sit no more I headed south and east through the scrub brush of what had once been a cow pasture to an area where I had seen deer sign for years but rarely encountered and never harvested deer.

The Jury Returns, Finally
Jim Boyd

This is a story of heartbreak.
A story of loss.
It is also the story of a treasure, seemingly out of reach, that comes home.

Cynthia's First Mesick Doe
Jerry Beach

  It was the fall of 1979 that we moved to Mesick, Michigan. Most people who live in Michigan know where Mesick is – it’s on the way to somewhere else.

  A little town in the northern half of Michigan’s lower peninsula, Mesick is known for two things: morel mushrooms and deer hunting. Make that three things – it’s also on the way to somewhere else!

A Long Way Down - Ronnie vs the Swamp
Jim Boyd

This is the story of my brother Ronnie - whom some of you now know through my stories - versus the black water swamp.

It is a tale full of drama and of missed opportunities - with some victory and defeat thrown in for good measure. Not because I added it to the story - but rather because it just happened that way.

Kai - The Wonder Dog
Jim Boyd

This is a story - of how my friend Cheryl found a pet that she could love like no other.

It is also a story of how a dog, with very poor prospects, could find a home like no other.

Finally, it is a story of how some hunters, resistant at first, could find a friend like no other.

Third Year - Could This Be the Charm?
Jim Boyd

The story spans at least two seasons... and we think possibly more.

Larry was fairly early in his deer hunting career and was hunting a small farm with my brother down in south central Georgia.

This farm is noted for some good bucks - but true "show stopper" bucks are hard to come by in this area.

R&R Plus Deer Hunting Equals Therapy
James R Jones

October R&R, the best vacation ever. I am deployed to a remote Combat Outpost in the Mountains of Eastern Afghanistan. About the nicest way I can describe it as a hard and rugged corner of the world, very inhospitable for sure. To drive the point home just as I typed that last sentence and dotted the period at the end of that sentence.  Our base started receiving indirect mortar fire from our local taliban friends across the mountain. True story, I did not add that in for dramatic effect.

First Solo Hunt

I remember the early mornings and late afternoons sitting in the stand with my dad. Watching and observing his every action and learning from the advice he had to give. Sitting side by side looking down lanes in attempt to spot the deer before him. I sat in the stand with my Remington 20 gauge youth shot gun and waited with anticipation for a deer to present a shot. At that time I had yet to harvest my first deer and was willing to take the first deer that came within range.

Frisky Fawns, Mega Monster and a 5 Pointer
Jerry Beach

What an evening!

I was reminded of the sports adage, “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”.

I experienced them both - more than once - during that evening at the farm where I was hunting.

Hunting with Dad
Ed T.

I suppose it all started when I was about 10 years old and became absolutely enthralled with all the stories in the hunting magazines my uncles (actually my Dad's uncles) gave me. I poured for hours over all the Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and Field and Stream magazines I could get my hands on. I would even purchase or grab any unwanted older issues, even several years old, to read.