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West Texas Big Buck
James R. Jones

A number of years ago, I had access to a fine piece of real estate outside of Dell City, Texas. My brother-in-law, “Uncle Joe” managed an isolated 20,000 acre ranch for a close friend who lived in Dallas. Dell City seats about 90 miles East of El Paso right on the Texas/ New Mexico state line. Joe's ranch was just across the New Mexico line. Me and my family spent many a weekend at the ranch. It was a great weekend get-away from the city life. I soon had a good feel for the lay of the land. I was always on the scout.

SKS Carbine - A Hidden Gem
Mike Skelly

The SKS is a hidden gem as a relatively inexpensive semiautomatic deer rifle. 

SKS rifles were developed by the Soviet Union’s Sergei Gavrilivich Simonov in 1945. The Samazaryadyi Karabin Simonova (Self-loading carbine Siminov) saw military use with the Soviet Union only briefly as a front line weapon being almost immediately replaced by the AK47 which is chambered with the same 7.62x39 cartridge. But millions of the carbines were made as second line weapons and the technology was widely distributed to soviet bloc nations throughout the 1950s.

Paul's River Buck
James R Jones

Paul's call came on one of the final weekends of Tennessee's 2006 general season, when thousands of rifle hunters would be out making a last search for their winter's venison. We decided to head to River Bottoms the next morning. Paul and I headed for our treestands well before daylight, we could see plenty of whitetail sign in the 4 inches of fresh snow covering the ground. We would give these final days his best effort. Despite the late-November cold, we were truly loving the early-morning vigil as the world awakened around us.

Ed's Snapshot Buck
Jerry Beach

What a place to try to hunt!

It was so thick that visibility was limited in most places to just a few yards.

The jack pines that were between 5 to 20 feet tall had been planted in furrows, making the walking very difficult. If you didn’t keep one eye on the ground, your foot would either suddenly drop into a furrow or strike the side of one. It was definitely not the best scenario for sneaking up on a deer.

The Contest Continues: Me and Mr TV Buck Part 3
James R. Jones

A chill hovered in the afternoon air as I silently followed the wandering creek to my favorite spot in the bottoms, in only a few short weeks, fall's frosty breath had transformed the surrounding woodlands from summer green to a cool fall brown. All around me the damp ground sank beneath me. Soon I dropped into the streambed, easing carefully along a fallen cottonwood, slick with moisture. Wet gravel crunched softly beneath my rubber-bottom boots as I forded the shallow creek and eased up the far bank, stepping into the brushy tangle beyond.

May Not Seem Like Something Big
Ed T.

To a seasoned whitetail hunter the buck portrayed in that picture accompanying this tale might not seem like a big deal. But to my fine son in law, his brother in law and this father in law to both, it was certainly something darn special to us. I have two wonderful daughters, full grown and beautiful women now. As chance might have it, neither seemed to care much for my hunting and that was always fine with me. They are individuals and were raised to be so.

Rookie and Tactical Patience Part 2: My TV Buck or is he?
James R. Jones

My Army buddy Paul and I had been on the prowl trying to find Mr TV Buck after my encounter with him a couple years back. Today was December 22, 2009, we had about a month before our Afghanistan deployment so we knew we didnt have many more chances left this season to tag and bag him.

Ronnie and the "Gambler"
Jim Boyd

The woods seemed very new… altogether vibrant to me – and very cold!

I had been away from hunting, at least for the most part, for several years now. This hunt had the feel of a kid who has missed Christmas, somehow slept through it perhaps, and is given a chance to get it back…

Could it be so?
Ed T.

Reading another story here had given me the urge to share my own simple tale as well. I was lucky enough to have had a very nice area of about 150 acres here in north central Tennessee to hunt as often and as much as I wanted, undisturbed by other hunters, except those I brought with me. This area held a good number of deer and deer sightings were numerous, but not a lot of big bucks were normally seen.

Why is She Running?
Jim Boyd

The year was 1988 and I was fairly early in my deer hunting career.

I had hunted only highly pressured public land up to this point - both with bow and rifle - and finally had been granted permission to hunt a private farm in Bulloch County Georgia and I felt like I had hit a gold mine!

First of all, it was private and I did not have to worry about getting walked in on!

Secondly, there was buck sign everywhere - the first time I scouted it, I found scrape after scrape on ther field edge!