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My 1.5-Point Buck
Jerry Beach

“How big was your buck?”, is a familiar question that is asked among deer hunters. Typical answers usually range from, “A spike” to, “An eight-pointer”, or anything in between. Sometimes the number goes even higher to nine, ten or more. In my neck of the woods (Michigan), there are some big deer, to be sure. But more often than not, the number of points on a whitetail that is killed here will be eight or less.

Family Deer Hunt in Texas

I posted earlier about my first whitetail but decided to tell the whole story. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to book a hunt for whitetail in Texas. After months of searching the internet for a good deal I booked a 3 day management hunt in Childress Texas. This would be a first whitetail hunt for my son and I and a return for my dad after 25 years.

Successful New York Hunt

I started hunting when I was about 11 (over 30 years ago).  I used to go out with my father on opening day of rifle season.  It is something I will never forget.  I learned so much from him about hunting and the nature of deer. It seemed like we would walk for hours, we would then sit on a log and have a snack while my dad explained why he chose this location to sit. Hunting with him were some of my best memories from my childhood.

The Surprise Buck
Craig Chamblee

The morning of November 19, 1990 dawned clear and cold. My brother had showed up at Mother's for a hunt. He was looking for some doe meat for the freezer and I was sick with a cold from the day before. We had spent the day looking for a nice 10 point I had shot. We brought in dogs and everything, and still no deer.

Perseverance - The Craig Chamblee Story
Jim Boyd

The dictionary defines perseverance as: a steady persistence in a course of action, particularly in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

I will challenge you to find a better example of this than Craig Chamblee.

First, we will go backwards in time, to the early 1970's...

Never Too Old to Make a Rookie Mistake
Jerry Beach

  Look up the definition of “rookie” and you will find: (1) an athlete playing his or her first season as a member of a professional sports team; (2) a raw recruit, as in the army or on a police force; (3) a novice.

  So a rookie is a person who is new to doing something; he or she is not familiar with the way things are supposed to work, not having the necessary experience.

Chilly Morning at Cole Creek
Jerry Beach

  We only had the morning to hunt.

  The exact reason for that escapes me now, but we had to be back at the house by noon – and this was opening day of deer season!

  Our usual hunting location was a 45-minute drive away, which meant that we would have to leave there by 11:00, which meant that we’d have to come out of the woods even earlier than that, which means . . . well, you get the idea.

The Icing on the Cake
Mike Skelly

It has been a very good year.   Saturday was opening day of the regular whitetail season. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Jerry Beach

  No matter what outdoor sport we humans are involved in, there are always things that can go wrong that either put a complete halt to the activity, or at least change our plans in some way.

  For example:

  When we’re driving a vehicle, the fan belt can break (remember when they used to slip off?).

Confessions of a Nest Hunter
Jerry Beach

  I hadn’t even heard the term until I was reading a book about Mule Deer hunting.

  The author was describing the different methods that hunters use to harvest Mule Deer, and he termed the first one, “Nest Hunting”.