Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Last Family Deer Hunt

It has been 5 (initially I thougt it was only 3, but I checked the date on my picture) years since I've hunted Ohio for Whitetails. I distinctly and fondly remember my last hunt there at the cabin with my family. My Uncle Dick, Cousin Chris, my second cousin and bloodbrother Kurt and myself. Just the memory of the exceptional season we had makes me feel closer to my kin. Even though times have been tough for all of us and work is more scarce, it brings me joy to think about the lightheartedness of the deer cabin.

My First Deer

Most of us look back at our first big game kill fondly. It started a chain reaction of events that defined our lives and shaped our hopes and dreams giving us courage and helping us make new friends. Killing my first deer was exactly that for me. I started hunting at 12, as soon as legally possible. From my adult perspective, putting a shotgun in the hands of an unsupervised 12 year old is completely reckless, never would I consider allowing this to happen now, but they were different times.

Hunt Swap

Since there was some talk about adding a hunt swap feature to Big Game Hunt, I decided I would describe one of the hunt swaps I have done in the past.

It began with a question about whitetail hunting. Initially, I met another guy in a hunting forum who was torn up about the idea of hunting a whitetail. He, being from Oregon never had the opportunity to hunt them. I however, was interested in the idea of hunting something different, so we agreed to try to show each other around and help each other take our desired game species.

My Son's 2010 10 Point

2010 was my son, Mitchell's 10th year of deer hunting. He has now shot 5 bucks, all with his bow and 8 doe. One of the doe was with a shotgun and the other 7 was with his bow. I would say 13 deer over a 10 year period isn't too bad since he started as a 13 year old. He took his first deer with his bow his first year. It was a doe. His second year he took a buck with his bow and a doe with his shotgun. That would be the last year we did any gun hunting. In 2004 he shot his biggest buck which was a nice 10 pointer.

Where It All Started

How did this whole "hunting" thing ever get started in a young boy growing up in Kendrick, Idaho?  Our family moved from Seattle, WA to this little Northern Idaho community when I was only 8 years old. My dad, a minister, was not a hunter and did not own a gun.  I had never shot a gun; had never even held one, but I somehow knew I needed one. It wasn't long before I badgered my Dad into buying me my first rifle, a Daisy BB gun.

Adirondack Buck

After our Maine hunt  we returned home in time to hunt the opening of the New York deer season. We still had a couple days to prepare so we loaded the camper and the next day headed over to our favorite spot to set up which was nestled along a dirt road 14 miles off the main road. After the setting up process was taken care of we did something that we always like to do and that is taking a walk up a couple of the many trails that run through these mountains in search of wild mushrooms.

Dedication and Memories

This is dedicated to my father, William F.Jones. Who through his wisdom and love of the outdoors instilled in me the same as a child growing up that I'm sure his father also did the same. His lessons and guidance will always be followed and I'll do my best to uphold his wishes. He taught me to respect nature and to always protect her. For this Dad! I Thank You.

My 2010 Buck

It was a nice chilly frosty morning and the date was November 3rd. My son had shot his buck November 1st and I was headed out to try and get mine. I was going to our favorite stand which is where my son shot his buck also. We have a few different names for this stand. They are "The Stand", "The Hole", and "The Apple Orchard". This stand has produced many does and several bucks on a yearly basis since 1999. It is our best stand bar none.

Buck Hollow
Jerry Beach

I wasn’t really convinced that this was a good spot to set up on opening day. It was too close to the two track road that ran through this area. It didn’t seem to have anything to offer a deer by way of food or cover.  And, I had already spent two evenings and a morning perched in a tree stand not 20 yards away during archery season and hadn’t seen anything except squirrels.

A Season to Remember

Well, here it is now going into the 2010 deer season and my good friend Mike and I have put up a couple new ladder stands in hopes of surprising an unsuspecting buck. It's hard to give up your normal spots especially when you've had some luck there but you need to be versatile and be able to move a little just to change the normal routine to help fool the old ghost of the woods. We worked together and moved Mike's stand to a good vantage point where he could easily spot a buck trying to sneak by and get from his feeding area to his daily bedding area.