Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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2007 Washington Archery Buck
Lucas Johnson
This 4x4 whitetail buck was taken during the 2007 archery season in eastern Washington state; Okanogan County.
Kyle's Black Powder Buck
Kyle Klaren
This is my son Kyle Klaren, he has just taken this buck in Iowa's 2004 Youth Season. He shot it in Delaware Co. in Iowa and it grossed 161 and net's 157. This is his fourth buck and largest to date! He's been shooting a 700 Remington Muzzleloader and loves it!
The Cornfield Buck
Wayne E. Helland Jr.
I have been scouting year round for many years to accommodate my fall hunting time in order to ensure my success for the largest buck I can find. During 2003 I located three different bucks that would gross score over 150. After years of practicing quality deer management, this was my best year ever for locating big bucks.
Texas Post Oak Savanna 2006
Tray Wenzel
This is a Freestone County 12 point killed opening day by Tray Wenzel.
Arenac County Buck
H. E. Hollow
We don't see many photos of whitetail from Arenac County, Michigan. This buck was taken on the morning of 11/18/2003 during the rifle season. A nice eight point that will end up shoulder mounted and displayed at the camp.
Rusty's Texas 10 Point
Rusty Harvey
It was late in the evening, near dark, and I saw tall horns at 60 yards. I could not see points, just a tall tine when he turned his head to walk back up the hill and then he was gone.
Rainy Day Buck
Wayne E. Helland Jr.
It started out during late July of 2004 with a buck sighting by my dad (Wayne Sr.) Dad was visiting with us one evening and left shortly before dark. After a few minutes he was back telling me of an extremely large buck he had seen. His exact words were, "This buck was huge! He was in the middle of the field and I could see his rack with my naked eye and it looked like he had a lot of points."
Texas Buck of a Lifetime
David F. Garcia
From opening day until November 28, 2004, I let several young bucks and small hogs walk into and out of my sights. I had my single buck tag ready hoping that one of the big bucks would make that fatal mistake. On Nov.28, 2004 in Goliad County Goliad, TX a wide racked buck did just that.
Thank You Northwest Wind
Wayne E. Helland Jr.
The morning of Wednesday, 10/17/01 dawned cool and crisp. I checked the weather channel to determine my hunting strategy. The wind was blowing from the northwest at last! This was the opportunity I had been waiting for.
Colonel Jack and the 10 Pointer
Art Elmendorf
Antler Lake is a small wilderness lake located in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York. I was lucky enough to have lived on this lake for the past twelve years.