Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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South Carolina 'Trick or Treat' Buck
Jim Boyd
Settling into my stand in the early afternoon, I had no idea the delights that Nature had in store for me. Just a few days before Halloween, the kids in the neighborhood would soon be lining up for the treats that were already positioned in the bowl by the front door. Positioned up above a dense thicket that ran along a swamp bottom, I had a decent view of the creek area as it opened up in front of me. From past experience, we knew that does often use this semi-hidden corridor as a travel route. Knowing this, I also figured that there may be a buck or two in the area, as late October often finds the does being pursued rather aggressively in our area of the South...
New Jersey Muzzleloader Deer
Bob Gallagher
This is the deer taken on 12-22-07 by my 16 year old son Connor. It was his first deer with the muzzleloader and not a bad one. Yes, he may only be a 7 pointer, but he is as high as it looks and good mass.
Rhode Island Buck
Steve Cahoon Jr.
The buck was harvested during the last weekend of shotgun season in southern Rhode Island. The buck dressed out at 185 lbs during the last weekend of the rut. The rack had an eighteen inch spread and two inch moose cups at the G-2s. It was aged at six and a half years and is currently at the taxidermist.
Tater's Kansas Deer
Mike 'Tater' Haviland
After about 3 hours on the road towards North Central Kansas, I received word that I wasn't going to be able to hunt the property that I was planning to hunt on the Kansas opener. However, I wasn't too concerned. I have had quite a bit of luck hunting on the WIHA (Walk-In Hunting Areas) the state has to offer...
Donny's Texas 8 Point
Don Isenberg
It was early morning November 20, 2004 and one of the first mornings to be really cool. My buddy Rusty got up as usual at 445am, for coffee and a sweet roll. I was having a hard time getting up and was taking flack from him. About every 5 or 10 minutes he would say get up, lets go, this is the morning and being tired and moving slow I started to get up. We had been talking the night before around the camp fire about sitting in the stand together in case we saw a couple of does to ambush. About 605am, we headed out to the stand, driving part way and walking the rest.
Massachusetts Eight Point Buck
Erik Ungewitter
I shot this buck on a drive December 20, 2003 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He ran right out of a thicket right at me and finally turned broadside at about 10 yards.
Texas Bow Hunt Success
Korey Ferguson
This is my first buck with a bow taken on the Pitchfork Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. I got in the stand about 3:30 in the afternoon and was only there for about 5 minutes when a spike walked up and following him was this nice eight pointer.
Michigan Father and Son Hunt
Shon Williams
These are a few of the pictures of the best hunt of my life.
Michigan Buck
Joe Reed
Joe Reed shot this buck in Dowagiac Michigan November 16, 2004 with a 12 gauge.
Northern Minnesota Deer
Blake Torkelson
Blake Torkelson shot this 8-point buck on Sunday, November 4th, 2007, opening weekend in northern Minnesota. The buck walked out of the woods about 500 yards away and chased 4 does into another wooded area.