Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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My No School Today Buck
Brian Roberts
My name is Brian Roberts, this is a story about a great evening hunt with my dad. My dad has taken me hunting since I was 4 yrs old. We had an old wool army blanket that mom sewed into a bag that I would get down in and help keep me warm while up in the treestands.
First Deer and All the Mistakes I Made
Alicia Ebert
I have been hunting with my boyfriend before and have watched him shoot a deer with a gun so I had a little bit of an idea of the feeling I would get when I went hunting on my own. Well at least that's what I thought anyway. I have been shooting a bow for a little over a year now, at first I was just using a friends bow to see if I even liked shooting one.
How to Lose a Good Hunting Stand
Billy Wheeler
A few months ago a good friend of mine moved to San Antonio and I was eyeing that Remington Youth 243 he was about to pack up. I really wanted it to start taking my 9 year old son Zach hunting so we made a deal on the gun. He has been tagging along with me a few years to food plot stands and we have seen a few deer over the years.
First Minnesota Deer Hunt
Dan Conrad
It was 5:45 and my dad and I were on the way to our stand when I noticed that there were tracks leading into our stand. Finally, get to stand. Right around 6:15 I heard some brush moving to the left of me. About 15 minutes later I saw some horns moving and they weren't stopping. I grab my gun and line it up between two pine trees. As soon he got bewteen those two trees I lined the cross hairs on his shoulder and pulled the trigger.
Illinois 16 Point Buck
Ron Smith
Opening morning of the 2007 Illinois shotgun season would be a test in patience for my 18 year old son, Joe Smith. Joe would be hunting an out-of-the way finger of timber surrounded by cut corn known simply as the curve. A handful of nice bucks had been shot on the property by my Uncle, Steve Hayworth, but when I scouted the property in October of 2007 during bowhunting I was skeptical.
Bowhunting Success in Wisconsin
Jeff Dorn
My buck was shot in Sauk county Wisconsin; it was during the 2006 bowhunting season. It was early October and the rut had not started yet. He presented me with about a 20 yard shot quartering away in a cut hay field. He weighed 250 lbs and has 9 points scoring 130 B/C.
Indiana Whitetail Buck
Brandon Meyer
I got this monster on the way back to the truck after missing an 8-pointer. I was sitting in my stand on Nov. 25, 2007 on my first mid-day hunt of gun season. I sat all day with just seeing a couple does off in the distance. Then I heard something coming down the trail I was hunting and a big doe and a nice 8 point came out from behind some brush. I waited till he got in range then boom.
First Pennsylvania Buck
Stacy Koedel
Now, I know this isn't the most impressive 9 point rack you've ever seen on a buck, but I must've bagged a bruiser. This was my first buck and I was so excited!
Manitoba Deer Hunt
Brad Duncan
It was the first day of the 2007 rifle season in beautiful Manitoba, Canada. I was out hunting all archery season and was unable to successfully fill my tag with any sort of deer, buck or doe. So naturally I was raring to go when rifle season hit.
11 Point Massachusetts Buck
Todd Creel
This is my first buck ever. I got into the sport of deer hunting last year at the age of 37. I have had some opportunities over the season, but inexperience cost me. Finally on December 26, 2007, this 11 point buck gave me the thrill of a lifetime. I hit him around 40 yards with a .50 cal. muzzleloader. He dressed out at 150 lbs.