Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Tennessee 9 Year Old's First Deer
James Butler
This is my son Jimmy Butler, he is nine years old and bagged this unusual 8 pointer on his first hunt. We had seen this deer on our trail camera, it needed to be taken and thought it would be a great first deer. I was very proud that he was able to let some other nice looking deer pass by and wait for this one. As far as my son is concerned it was a world record deer.
11 Point Buck on 11th Birthday
Kelly Grogan
Ty Grogan of Pennsylvania was archery hunting with his Dad (Jason Grogan) in Allegheny County. Ty shot the 11 point buck from 28 yards away with his bow and arrow. It was only his second day hunting and on top of that it was his 11th birthday.
12 Year Old's Kansas Archery Deer Hunt
Shonda Burger
T.J. Burger, age 12, from Gardner, Kansas bagged a 9 point whitetail buck in Miami County, Kansas on his very first archery hunt on October 17th, 2008. Actually, it was his first ever official deer hunt!
9 Pt. Indiana Archery Buck
Julie Manning-Dooley
On Wednesday 10/22/08 I was late getting into the woods at about 5:45 pm. I did not use a treestand. I found a couple nice rubs and decided to stand in front of a big oak tree that was on the edge of a hill. I decided to do the fawn bleet call as I had used that a couple days prior and called in several does and a button buck. It was windy so when the wind would stop I would get a chance to use the call.
19 Pt. Tennessee Deer
Kelvin N. Jones
It was the second weekend of bowhunting this year, 2008. I had moved my stand the previous weekend to a more select spot which was deeper in a swamp on the Wolf River. I had been in my stand since 6:00 am and it was creeping up on 9:30, nothing but squirrels and one lone opossum to get my attention so far. Scanning the area watching for any movement I locked on one opening in the tree line.
Rhode Island Deer Hunt
Kyle A. Cloutier
My father has been teaching me how to hunt since I was little. Already this season he had taken 2 bucks. The first one he took on Saturday opening day, with his muzzleloader and the second he took on Monday, with his bow. He had been teasing me all week that I was going to be eating pasta while he chomped down on tasty venison. Well that was about to change.
10 Point West Virginia Deer
Jerry E Trent II
10 point deer, rifle kill, taken the first day of gun deer season in Raleigh County, West Virginia on November 19, 2007.
Long Island, New York 9-Pointer
Joseph J. Pagano aka: jpcomputers
I arrowed this tall monster 11 (9 Scorable) point buck while hunting in Ridge, Long Island, New York on October 20th, 2007. I'd seen him twice the week before that early damp morning. The first time I saw him I was hunting from a ground blind. The next thing I knew he was running straight to me with my back turned towards him. I heard him stop abruptly which made me stand still. Not knowing if it was a buck or a doe behind me, I waited about 30 seconds before turning around and there he was. As I motioned to turn, he ran off about 45 yards from me.
First Time Deer Hunt in Saskatchewan
Shane Sydoruk
It was the morning of Nov 24, 2007. Having discussed the night before that Coralee would have first shooting rights if we saw anything we liked, we set out for what would be one exciting morning that would carry out to the day I'm writing this. As we set out in the morning there was a light fog hovering in the air. We went out to one of my favorite spots north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.
Minnesota Twin Albino Deer
Tim Roeschlein
These twin albino deer have been coming to my backyard feeder since they were fawns in 2006. They turned 2 years old this spring and still come to my feeder every day! I'm an avid deer hunter and harvesting albino deer in Minnesota is legal.