Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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2 Great Oregon Blacktails
Nick Marlow
For five years, I have hunted a small nursery close to my house outside the Portland city limits. In those five years, I have harvested two nice bucks.
New Jersey Deer Hunting Success
Dennis Bush
The first time I saw this deer was late summer when he was starting to rub off his velvet. I put our a trail camera a got several good pictures of the buck but they are all in the middle of the night. I scouted the areas surrounding the spot I had been seeing him and thought I had found his trail.
Fantastic Illinois Deer Hunt
Dan Nations
I went hunting with my brother – Doug Nations - in Western Illinois (near Moline, IL) the first week of November. We were a little early for the rut and didn't see much. I had to go back home to Arizona and since he lives in Moline, he got to stay (The Lucky Rascal) and continued to hunt the next week which was prime time for the rut. He saw many deer on the morning of November 13th, many bucks chasing does and he bagged this one with his bow at 15 yards.
Arkansas Youth Deer Hunt
Paulette Sullivent
Matt Vaughan, age 12 of Camden, Arkansas, killed this 6 point, Nov. 15, 2008, in Ouachita County, Arkansas. He killed it at 200 yds with a 30-30. Matt has been hunting for with his dad for several years. He was hunting by himself when he shot this deer.
Arkansas Youth Deer Hunting Success
Robert Gurley
My stepdad Scott, my brother Daniel, my neighbor Robert and I were driving to our deer stands in Athens Arkansas. Scott saw a deer. I couldn't see it. It got up and ran off. We got out of the truck and walked into the woods to take a look. Scott turned to walk back to the truck. Another deer stood up to see what was going on. I could see that it was a buck.
Texas Trophy Deer Hunt
Glenn Roberts
If you want to hear a crazy story just listen to this. I was in my ground blind on opening day in Texas November 1, 2008 when this guy came out around 6:30 a.m. and came to my feeder where there were already several does and a small buck. He paid no attention to any of them and started to eat corn and nibble on raspberry flavered blocks. I can't say why I didn't shoot him right away, maybe temporarily insane.
Kansas Non-Typical Buck
Kevin & Ronda Joeckel
15 year old Tanner Joeckel of Kansas bagged this big buck October 5, 2008. He shot it with a muzzleloader at 35 yards. Massive 12 point rack, 7 3/8 inch drop tine!
Oregon Blacktail Buck Hunt
Victor Rodriguez
We were walking back to the vehicles after a rainy day of hunting on the Oregon coast. It was around noon and we were exausted. My cousin Freddy and I went to take one last look at a nice area. Suddenly I saw the big blacktail buck running fast about 250 feet in the distance. I shot him with my 30-30 rifle.
Massachusetts Deer Hunt
Bruce Holbrook
On the beautiful afternoon of Nov. 7th, 2008, as I was preparing to get ready for the afternoon’s hunt, something had clicked in my head that for some reason I had a feeling, that I should move hunting locations and hunt a small wood lot in Sterling Massachusetts, that I haven’t hunted all year.
Tennessee 9 Year Old's First Deer
James Butler
This is my son Jimmy Butler, he is nine years old and bagged this unusual 8 pointer on his first hunt. We had seen this deer on our trail camera, it needed to be taken and thought it would be a great first deer. I was very proud that he was able to let some other nice looking deer pass by and wait for this one. As far as my son is concerned it was a world record deer.