Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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First Buck for Pennsylvania 13 Year Old
Evan W. Bowden
It was the second day of Pennsylvania deer (rifle) season. It was a little windy that afternoon, but the wind was on our side. My grandfather and I were hunting the edge of a swamp. My little brother and my dad were posted about 1,500 yards NE of us. We were hoping that they would spook something to us. I had my trusty Marlin 32 special. It has taken deer.
Two Bucks at Once: Virginia Deer Hunt
Ryan Langford
I have been into outdoor activities my whole life; I guess you could call me a "country boy." While shooting sports are something I enjoy immensely, I have never really gotten into hunting big game. This year however, that changed.
Oklahoma 10 Point Deer
Gary L. Hines
Hunting from a small hang-on type stand in an oak flat near a deep brushy ravine I bagged the biggest deer of my life. On Sunday morning of the opening weekend of the Oklahoma gun season I was hunting a spot in Noble County that I had hunted for 3 years previous without any success.
First Deer on Massachusetts Hunt
Mike Lafond
This is my first deer and I got him on December 9, 2008 as I was driving home from work in Gramby Massachusetts. I had seen him in the field I have been scouting. So I went home, got my gear and got into the woods. I had him at 75 yards with my shotgun but didn't take the shot so I waited.
Successful Oklahoma Deer Hunt
Greg Couture
I called this 8 point in with my M.A.D. growl call and he came in a hurry. I harvested this deer in Carter County Oklahoma. He scored 120 class.
New York 10 Point Buck
George Georgiou
On the first day of hunting season this year, Nov. 15th 2008 in Franklin, New York, I was in my stand at around 5:30 am. It was around noon that I shot this 10 point buck, not realizing its size at first.
Deer Hunting Success for Oklahoma Brothers
Clint Ellis
Trent Fowler with younger brother, Taylor, harvested this 8 point buck November 22, 2008, in Okemah, Oklahoma. Trent is eleven years old. He used a 30/30 and it was his first deer.
17 Year Old's First Deer in Ohio
Rusty Pope
This is my 17 year old stepdaughter Marcia's 1st deer. She killed her with a PSE crossbow at 15 yards in Ohio late October 2008 and it weighed in at 125 dressed. Later on a youth gun hunt, she took her 1st buck, a nice 7 point weighing about 125 also.
Louisiana Deer Hunt Success for 10 Year Old
Alison Jennings
10 year old Mallory Jennings of Louisiana killed her 1st deer on a 2008 Thanksgiving hunting trip in Winnfield, Louisiana. The 7 point weighed in at 165 pounds and had a 22 1/4 inch tip spread. She used a 7mm 08, youth model rifle and was accompanied by her dad, Brent Jennings.
West Virginia Once in a Lifetime Buck
Mark McDonald
Although the weather in Kanawha County, West Virginia put a damper on opening day I was able to harvest this once in a lifetime buck on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 in Kanawha county. It is a 10 point with a 21 inch spread and very heavy mass.