Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Oklahoma Deer Hunt Success
Jimmy Barnes
I was on a 4 day deer hunt near Holdenville Oklahoma about 90 miles south of Oklahoma City (private land). I saw several deer on that hunt but it was on my 3rd afternoon when I saw this nice 8 pointer trailing a doe, and as I turned around retrieving my rifle for a shot, the buck went in behind some small trees and then straight out of my sight. Although the exciting moment faded fast I felt sure that deer would be in that same general area the next day so I went back the following morning prior to daybreak.
Rut Crazy Bucks
Joe McNamara
It was one of those perfect brisk November evenings in the deer woods. This day the autumn woods were full of deer activity. The bucks sure seem to be at the peek of their rut. As always I was perched high in my stand and waiting for that dream of a lifetime buck to come along. I was pumped and ready for some action.
8 Point Pennsylvania Deer
Shane Hutton
This 140 class giant 8 point was harvested in Elk County of Pennsylvania by Shane Hutton, 23 of Pittsburgh, PA with a Winchester 270.
First Tennessee Muzzleloader Deer
Chris Schmittou
This picture is of my nine year old son Caleb with his first deer taken in 2008 on our land in Wayne county Tennessee. He took this deer with my .50 caliber muzzleloader on the second day of our muzzleloader season.
Maryland Junior Deer Hunt
Doug Tapley
This is my son Andrew. He harvested his first deer on junior hunt day Nov.15 2008 in Williamsport Maryland. We started out that day hunting with a friend and his son on Green Ridge mountain in Allegheny County Maryland, but we weren't having any luck.
11x8 Alberta Non-Typical Whitetail Trophy
Trent Ziegeman
I saw this deer last year, but was unable to get a shot away due to this buck's superior sixth sense, even with the wind in my favor he was able to sense my presence. I had seen this buck get down on his knees and crawl thru a pinch point that had minimal amounts of cover. I nicknamed him the grey ghost cause of his grey coat and superior vanishing and appearing tricks. One minute there he was busted no where to go and the next voosh gone disappearing into nothing.
14 Point Southern Virginia Buck
Rick Whitmore
It was opening day of general firearm season for deer. It was unusual that the hunt club had not run dogs through "my block" all day, and it was a perfect day to climb into one of my stands that evening. I have several physical problems relating to my spine and joints, but couldn't resist the temptation of a relaxing, seasonably comfortable afternoon hunt. I decided to get in one of my stands near the edge of a swamp, in mature oak trees.
Missouri 10 Point Buck
Benton F. Iles
I am a retired Soldier of 25 years in service. After spending many hunting seasons deployed to places like Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, one of my goals upon retirement was to try and make a hunting trip out of state somewhere every year or so. So to honor my service to my country, in November 2008 near Excelsior Springs, Missouri my great friend, Matt Hartwig, invited me for a muzzleloader hunt on one of his farms. My wife approved the purchase order and issued the kitchen pass so off I go.
Successful Iowa Deer Hunts
Robert Drinkwater
My Dad (Todd Trimble) is on the right with his 12 pointer, and I (Robert Drinkwater) his son on the left with my 13 pointer (my left hand is covering his drop tine).
Central Kansas Buck
Brian L. Williams
This Central Kansas Buck was shot on opening weekend with my father, Tom Williams near Tescott, Kansas. I walked approximately ¼ mile to get into position, in water way, at the end of a wheat field. My father went to the top of the wheat field to get into position at the other end, 1/2 section of grass and wheat fields. Deer must have noticed my father during the time he was getting into position.