Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Therapeutic Iowa Deer Hunt
Michael Tveraas
I have been very ill and mostly bed ridden for the past few years. Inspired by Dr. Terry Naumann's suggestion that he hoped I got out and hunt with assistance. My wife Jan drove me to our friends home in Iowa.
Mandy's Mega Buck
Brian Holland
My girlfriend just decided to start hunting about 3 weeks before the season. She shoots a bow and has shot a gun some but had never shown an interest in hunting. After getting her geared up at Gander Mountain and buying her a H&R Ultra Hunter in 243 we practiced and went hunting. She took to hunting right off and got her first deer in Franklin County, Virginia, 3 days into the season, a 4 pointer.
5 Year Old Tanner's First Deer
Mac Moad
Tanner Colten Moad, 5 years old, is one of the coolest kids I know. The youngest of 4 children of mine, Tanner never stops moving.
Pennsylvania 14 Year Old Scores 13 Point Deer
Anthony Byrne
Anthony Byrne, 14 years old got this 13 point whitetail deer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It had 8 points on one side and 5 on the other.
Youth Deer Hunting Success in Maine
Peter Nicholas
This is my grandson Gaige Plunginger, age 12 with his first nice 8-point buck which he got with his 44 Ruger, in the Maine 2009 season. He downed the deer with one shot, on a day with the rain coming down hard.
13 Year Old Tags Huge Buck With Bow
Kevin Hassler
My son, James Hassler, shot this buck near our home of Kipling, Saskatchewan Canada. The buck was harvested during the archery season in mid September. He was hunting from a treestand that had been set up on land belonging to friends of our family.
A Pair of Vermont 8 Point Bucks
Joe Wascholl
My father and I were both in our stands early in November. It was warm all season and when the cold snap hit the rut must have been hot. After a few hours I could not believe my eyes, a great 8 pointer buck, I was so excited. After harvesting the deer I could not wait to tell my dad.
The LowCountry Swamp Buck
Jim Boyd
Southeastern South Carolina is the LowCountry. When you are here and know what it means, it gets in your bones, even if you are not a native son, which I am not.
Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer & Black Bear
Jason Lyon
The whitetail deer was a 173 lb 8 pointer I harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with archery equipment. The black bear was 150 lbs, and harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with a 12 gauge 870 Remington using 2 3/4 inch Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs. This was the second Pennsylvania black bear I have taken in 10 years in the Commonwealth.
Massachusetts 8 Point Deer
Dan Hayward
This is one of two deer that I harvested this past 2008 season in eastern Massachusetts zone 11. The first one was a 7 point, one hundred eighty pound buck. This one is my biggest to date, was an 8 point two hundred two pounds that I shot at forty yards. All deer that I have taken have been by bow only. I'm looking very much towards the 2009 season!