Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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16 Point Washington Whitetail
George Webster
I was hunting with my brother-in-law in unit #101 (Sherman unit, Washington) the late archery whitetail deer season. We had left my truck about half way from the top of the mountain. I was hunting back to my truck and using a grunt call and working down very slow.
Deer Hunting Success in Pike County Illinois
Josh Pawson
I have been hunting for 8 years and have taken some nice deer, for instance in 2008 I shot a 145 in. 10 pointer with my bow but this one really made my 2009 season. I had made up mind that I was going sit all day in my stand for the first time. Usually I come out of the woods about 10:30 am but I had a hunch that if I remained patient something big would come out especially since anything can happen during the rut.
Jonah's First Deer
Jeremy Swisher
Two very long days in stands. We moved three times the 1st day hunting as guests on a lease in Millividge GA. Always walking into the tree stands 1 hr prior to sunrise and walked out at dark. Let me just say for a father and son (from Northern Maine used to tracking in snow and still hunting) in a two man tree stand sitting for 3 to 4 hours at a time being silent and watching will task your willpower.
Jordan's Nine Point Deer
Jordan Wilson
One day on a cold afternon in November I saw this buck walk out at 200 yards from my stand. I shot this 9 point buck with my Remington 243. He scored around 145 inches.
Oklahoma Bowhunting Grand Slam
Mac Moad
The first week of October was finally here. The first three days were spent in my favorite stand watching 3 raccoons in which I had named Larry, Curly, and Moe. The mother raccoon was slightly bigger than the two younger ones, and seemed curious to every movement surrounding them. The days here in eastern Oklahoma in October were still in the 80's with mosquitoes buzzing everywhere. I was wondering if it was still too hot to hunt and questioned myself again over and over.
Indiana Deer Hunting Success
Chris James
It was a nice November 5th 2009 evening in Indiana. I had just gotten off work and I was off to the woods to get in my stand. I got my gear on, sprayed down and to my stand I went. I put out a couple of scent pads on the way in. I arrived at my stand at about 4:00 pm, I set down and was getting comfortable for the night's hunt. After getting comfortable I hit my grunt and within 2 minutes I saw my buck standing in the partially picked cornfield about 80 yards from my stand.
Ohio Piebald Deer
Bryant Hatem
I hunt in Franklin County Ohio, and I took my piebald deer on Novemember 7th, 2009.
The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Lance Stephens
For big bow hunters all around, the beginning of the season is a time we anticipate with great enthusiasm. Everyone has their bows tuned in, tree stands set, and you just can't wait to try out that new decoy. But, is every bow hunter really prepared to see more big bucks in that first evening than they ever had before? Well, I wasn't.
Virginia Piebald Whitetail Buck
Chris Blankenship
Photos of my piebald buck that I was able to take on opening day of general firearms season in Bedford County, Virginia. He is an 8 pointer, 22" wide outside, 20" inside and weighed about 180 pounds.
80 Year Old Tags 10 Point Buck
David Berry
My 80 year old dad tagged a 10 point 184 pound buck on 11/19/2009. Dad and I have hunted the Pawtuckaway Park area in Nottingham, New Hampshire for many, many years. Although he has helped me bag a few deer over the years and times past he tagged a doe or two, it has been quite some time since he has had the right opportunity to get a deer for himself.