Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Hold Tight Buck With "BALLS"

Our annual 2009 rifle Whitetail hunt turned out to be one of the toughest hunts I can remember. With the weather been so warm and the deer not moving it made for a lot of work. We started hunting on Sunday morning with opening day being on Sunday we seen more than the usual hunters out. The day started out good seeing a lot of deer at first light but after the sun broke the horizon they where all hunkered down. That evening didn't produce either as the deer movement wasn't till after dark.

November to Remember

Nov. 27th proved to be a USA Thanksgiving to remember with a day off to watch some NFL and do a little hunting. With my wife as the driver and another set of eyes for me, we headed out at sun-up. Passing a few does to start off as we headed to our spot it was looking like the deer were on the move, she spied a good one last week at a location we have heavily spotted this year and insisted we get back there.

56 Day Waiting Period

    It had been fifty-six days since the first day of deer season in Oklahoma. The magic of peak rut had passed. The woods had been full of eager rifle hunters for the past 3 days. Mature bucks were on high alert and I still had my buck tag in my pocket. For the most part all I had seen to this point was smaller buck.  I held out hope even though I failed to connect with a nice buck the year before. This year had to be different.

Deer Hunting Success in Indiana
Chris Sneed
I am an avid hunter and extremely love the outdoors. Well I took this buck off a state forestry in southern Indiana. Besides the intense hunting pressure from other hunters and with the deer in full rut things were going slow. I hunted different stand locations due to the changing of wind, and lack of seeing deer became a bit discouraging.
South Carolina Trophy Buck
Don Clewley
I have been hunting in South Carolina for 9 years and had yet to shoot a trophy sized buck. Coming from Montana, I really didn't have high expectations, but didn't expect to be shut out for 9 years either. I would like to share this story of encouragement for those who have hunted for years and have not yet shot a decent buck.
Lessons From the Ol' Man Pay Off
Ken Nelson Jr.
My Ol' Man bar none is the best hunter I know, have met, or in my mind will ever meet. The man hunts on Michigan public land, does not bait and kills a deer every year, a feat not matched by anyone I know. When I was growing up he would take me with him on every occasion that didn't require me to miss school or an athletic practice.
Fantastic Florida 9 Pointer!
Jimmy Barnes
Like others I thought I would never top that fine buck I took last year in Oklahoma, until January 19, 2010, when I was hunting in the northern portion of Okaloosa County Florida, north of Baker Florida and just a few miles south of the Alabama line.
8 Point Posing for Camera
Samuel Matthews
I have two game cams set up this year, one in a food plot behind the house and one on the bank of a creek close by. I have more pictures of deer than I can count, but this one stuck out. The big buck seemed to know the camera was there, went up to it and struck a pose.
It All Makes Sense Now, Finally...
Ken Nelson Jr.
Camp Finally, what does that mean exactly? I understand that those who own property and have "camps," like to give there place a catchy name to make it their own. I myself coming from a family owned cabin in Northern Michigan, simply known as "Nelson's Not Mucho Rancho," the name explains it, it aint much, but it's ours. It all makes sense to me, it is yours, and the name is what makes it your own special place. After several years of not really knowing the meaning of Finally, it all came to me in a sad moment the day after deer hunting season ended in 2009.
Father-Son Hunt to Remember
Steve and Scott Foate
There comes a time in a man's life when he finds and shares an experience of a lifetime. That situation came to fruition for me last year during gun season with my son Kevin. Each year, as I sit in my stand and daydream of the big bucks that hide out in our part of the country, I paint a vivid picture of the situation that every father dreams of having.