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50th Birthday Buck
Frank Roberts

It’s Nov.10, still dark and about 30 degrees. This was only the third morning that I have been in the tree stand this year and bow season has been in for five weeks. I’m thinking how fast time gets away from us these days. I turned 50 last week which is only by God’s grace and mercy. I and most folks that are close to our family once thought me reaching 45 would be a long shot due to an extended illness.

The Bypass Buck

Like most outdoorsmen, one of the most important parts of the hunt for me is the pleasure of being with family and friends. It is an experience that I look forward to every year. Whether it is my father coming out here to shoot doves and ocean fish, or me going back east to hunt whitetails, it’s an exciting time. Since I am 3,000 miles away, he does all of his archery hunting and part of his rifle season without me, so we have rarely been in the woods together when one of us was successful.

Three Cheers for Brandon (Wheelchair Hunter)
Jim Boyd

The accident for Brandon, when it came, was seemingly benign.

Here was a 17 year old kid, riding in a Hare Scramble race in 2002 - an INCREDIBLY fast kid... who had no fear. Racing in the A250 class and routinely beating AA riders, he rode effortlessly and at a blistering pace.

Early Season Success and Mixed Feelings

It was October 6th, 2010. I had decided to go out for an evening hunt. It had been raining for quite a while and we finally got a break in the rain so I figured it would be a pretty good evening. Up to this point in the young season it was fairly uneventful as far as the hunting goes. 

"Three Shot" Larry
Jim Boyd

My brother and I are very lucky, in that we have permission to hunt a small farm in Georgia, to include use of the Civil War era house that is on the property.

The farm is small – only about 300 acres – but has been deer hunting heaven since we started hunting it in about 1986 or so – that means we are going on 25 years on the property.

Ronnie's First 8 Pointer
Jim Boyd

The sun rose, but grudgingly slow that morning. It was Thanksgiving morning in 1989 and it was cold, even by south Georgia standards.

I want to tell you this story, but first I have to take you back a way... years back, in fact. 

My little brother Ronnie and I had become pretty consistent hunting partners. He is almost 2 years younger than I am and I had started hunting earlier than he did.

Making Memories With Gramps

As I sit here going through old photos, I replay so many things over and over in my head.  My first hunt, my first deer, funny stories.  One that always sticks in my mind is my first time in the woods with my Grandfather, Dad, and uncle together up in northern Maine. 

The Bronco Buck

Everyone has a first deer story, or a funny deer story, but I have a first deer and funny story together.  It did not end up being MY first deer, but it was the first deer I was involved with.

First Deer, a Happy Thanksgiving and a Broken Nose

Well, the year was 1992, and I had been hunting for 7 or 8 years without having yet shot a deer.  I was away at college, and was able to return to Vermont for the week of Thanksgiving.

Saved By the Buck

The morning of November 10, 2006 would prove to be a good one. I was going to hunt out of my favorite stand. Over the past 10 years between my son and I we had taken 9 bucks out of this stand and multiple does. It was about 25 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground. It was an absolutely still morning with no wind what so ever and it seemed like I could hear every little noise from miles off. I made it to my stand while it was still dark. Just after I settled in the stand I began to hear movement from what seemed like every direction.