Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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My Makeup Buck

It was November 1st, of 2003. My son and I were hunting out of what we called the big stand. It was a homemade stand with about a 5 foot platform with a soft swivel seat right in the middle of the platform. The morning was cool and damp. I had my bow and my son had our video camera. We had seen several deer but nothing close enough to shoot.

Three-Legged Bruiser in Harry's Pines
Jerry Beach

When I heard R.C.’s voice on the phone, I sort of had an idea what he was going to say, but I had no idea it would turn out the way it did. “Hey, the wind is right for a small drive through Harry’s pines. Why don’t you and Cynthia meet me there, and I’ll be the dog”, he said. Thirty minutes later we were standing by the van in Harry’s back yard, loading our rifles.

The "Falling Down" Buck

The year was 2000, and the rifle season in Vermont was coming up fast.  Over the past 15 years or so, I had shot 2 deer.  However, neither of those deer had been while my father was in the woods with me.  One both occasions, Dad had harvested his deer earlier in the season, so when I got home to hunt, I was on my own.

Just to Listen to the Turkeys Fly Down...
Jim Boyd

New Years Eve.

Sweet to revelers and nostalgic folks.

Just about the end of the line for deer hunters in Georgia.

"Bag Of Bones" Buck - aka: A Hard Days Work
Jim Boyd

December comes hard in South Carolina, at least as it relates to deer hunting.

It is hard on the deer, too... food is scarce, the rut is very long and protracted and it simply takes a toll on the deer.

The 26 Minute Twins

Well, it’s 1993.  I am a year removed from my first deer ever.  The year prior, I had shot a nice little 6 point, in a new spot my Dad had hooked us up with.  He had also shot a nice 8 point prior to my arriving for the hunt that year.

My First Whitetail - Surprise!
Jerry Beach

I can still remember as a kid watching my dad get ready for his annual deer hunting trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with his buddy. I’d smell the fragrance of Hoppe’s #9 solvent drifting through the house – a sure sign that he was giving his old Model 94 Winchester chambered in .32 Special a good pre-hunt cleaning. I would help him lay out his gear and wish for the day when I was old enough to accompany him. When I finally reached the required age (17 in Michigan then), I was unable to get enough time off school to go.

Our 2006 Trip to Montana
William Hays

Our trip started with three of us, Chris, my hunting partner, Mike, my brother and I applying for deer tags for the 2006 Montana general deer season.  It was a long wait, but, finally, when we checked the computer it said successful.  We all drew a general deer tag (buck or doe) and a whitetail doe tag.  We were going to Montana. 

Ronnie's First Deer Hunt
Jim Boyd

"This is just totally ridiculous”, thought my little brother Ronnie, as he perched 15’ up in a pine tree. Shivering in the unusually cold weather, he continues his line of thought -  “I have no business here”.
Here he sits, on a heavy, homemade one piece climbing style deer stand – that does not even have a seat. Heck, the stand is steel, it is not even made of aluminum. He has a little seat separate from the stand that is secured the tree with a little section of chain (these were popular back in the 80’s).

Just "Visiting"
Jim Boyd

Some years ago, a friend invited me down to the true heart of the LowCountry in SC for a deer hunt - fabled Estill, SC.

I had hunted for several years with this gentleman prior to this and had seen some dandy bucks but had never taken one - fate (or my ineptitude) always intervened...

This trip was in late October when our area finds the bucks rather active and "on the move", so I had very high hopes as I joined him.