Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos & Stories

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Uncle Larry and the Harvey Wallbanger Buck

Those crazy family friends... everyone's got one or two of them. They are usually the last to put down the beer at a backyard barbeque and the first to bring up embarrassing stories from your past. My Uncle Larry is that guy. He is not my blood uncle and is not in my family but he's an uncle just the same. He is crazy... just plain nuts! Think Cousin Eddy from the National Lampoon's movies. It's sad but that is the best description I can think of. Uncle Larry lives out in Michigan and we usually get to see him once or twice throughout the holidays.

First Buck With Bow

I have been bow hunting for whitetail deer since the early 90’s but just have never been able to close the deal.  Sometimes I missed and sometimes my arrow would fall off the rest or the deer would see me and spook; why I wasn’t able to close the deal varied, but it all had the same result – no deer.

A "Rattling" Experience - Part II
Jim Boyd

I have, many times in the past, admitted a deep love for black water swamps.
What's not to love?
Mosquitoes by the squadrons.
Fat, black cottonmouths that have a disposition that makes condemned murderers seem mild (test that one, if you want - but be forewarned).

My Grandfather

My grandfather had been taking me into the woods for as long as I can remember. He basically taught me everything he knows. He taught me that hunting wasn’t about killing an animal, but that it’s about much more. He showed me that being out in the woods with wildlife, listening to the sound of greatness, and spending time with family and friends is what hunting is truly about.

Size Doesn't Matter

As I begin to get ready for this rifle season I start to think back on the successful hunt I had last year.  If many of you aren't too familiar our part of the country isn't exactly known for monster whitetail.  Growing up over the years hunting this great state I began to resent that fact, yet I still made it a point to never miss an opener.  Last year was no exception.  However, it was a much different feeling than the year before.

Mr. Invisible

Hunting to me is more than a hobby it’s a way of life. It makes me relax and helps give me a peace of mind. I try to hunt as much as I can. Right now my main animal is the elusive whitetail deer. The season started September twenty seventh and ends in December. And during this time I usually travel back and forth between work and home where I do the majority of my hunting. And last weekend was no different. But last weekend will be remembered for the day I got the invisible buck. We called it because it was a large deer that was only caught on film.

Come On In - The Water Is Fine
Jim Boyd

Cold as the dickens.

That it was... particularly for south central Georgia.
Mid 20's that morning with a high of 37 or 38 - and then cloudy, leaden skies in the afternoon with sub freezing temperatures.

A "Rattling" Experience
Jim Boyd

It was a cold winter day, for sure. The temps hovered in the mid 40’s and it was just one of those gray, bone chilling days.
The wind was howling as I decided that my current plan was not working.
I had hunted for three days and in spite of the fact that it was the middle of the rut, I had yet to see a decent buck. Heck, I had yet to see a buck at all!
I knew I needed a change of plan.

The Buck With a "Will To Live"
Jim Boyd

Mistakes were made that day, for sure... on my part and the part of a buck that had a very strong will to live.

I saw him coming in spite of the heavy cover.

Head low, apparently hot on the trail of seven does that had crossed the old log road in single file a few moments earlier... he moved across the oak flat with a purpose. One of them must have been in estrous, I thought... no logical explanation for him to be tracking like that - except for that reason. This appeared to be mistake # 1 for him.

Twin Sons of Different Mothers
Jim Boyd

Early in September, a bachelor group of 4 bucks files into a soybean food plot in the very murky moments of daylight.

Unbeknownst to them, a hunter is perched 125 or so yards away in a tripod stand at the other end of the plot. Equipped with very sensitive 8x56 European binoculars, the hunter watches as they file into the field and begin to gorge on beans.