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Trials and Tribulations (the final chapter)

Some of you have followed my various online posts in the forum as I rediscovered my passion for the outdoors and hunting. For those that haven't, here's a short recap:

East Coasty Hunting Tale
Mike Skelly

In inland Washington they view folks from the coast like we in upstate New York think of folks from New York City.  To be called a "Coasty" is a mild insult meaning that you are somewhat incompetent.  I'm an east coasty.  But I had a great hunting trip in Eastern Washington thanks to Arrowflipper and our mutual friends. 

Thomas' First Deer

Thomas is my middle son.  He will be 24 years old this December.  I have written several stories with and including my youngest son, Nikolas, as he has been out hunting most with me but this one will focus only Thomas.

3rd Bow Kill of 2011 Season!
Shawn Clark

I am off to a great start in the 2011 Ohio deer archery season. On opening day, September 24th, I shot my first deer of the season which was a nice doe. I had some roasts cut out of her and had the rest made up into Trail Bologna. I already have her meat back. By the way it's been very tasty. This was also the first time I ever shot a deer in September.

My Best Buck to Date
Shawn Clark

It was 82 degrees on the afternoon of October 10th, 2011. I was debating if I should go out deer hunting or not. There was a particular stand set that my friend Dave and I hung in June that I had not been to yet this season. Most of the times the wind was not right or it rained and I did not feel like getting wet. I don't like the heat either but I knew cooler weather will be coming in the near future. I still had to attach a pull rope to this stand because I forgot to when my friend Dave and I put the stand up.

Marlin Memories
Jeremy Swisher

Beginning of November 2010 had some surprisingly cold weather move into middle Georgia.  Now me being a Damn Yankee I should be accustomed to cold weather hunting and consider it more of a blessing.  I used to relish those days in minus 15 degree Fahrenheit or worse and set off on a fresh track in the snow.  Certainly, wouldn’t sit in a tree stand in those cold temperatures. 

My Little Brother Joel

My younger brother’s name is Joel. He is 5 years younger than me. Although he is my “baby” brother he was my first Deer hunting partner and also my teacher in many finer hunting techniques. I have already shared my story on my big brother David. This story is going to focus on Joel.

Sam's First Whitetail Deer

It was the last hour, of the last day, of our first hunting trip to Nebraska.  It was so cold, it was hard not to shiver if you weren’t moving.  We had been crouched behind a thick cedar for about 10 minutes and the cold was really starting to sink in.  We’d heard a couple of shots from our hunting partners over the ridge and knew the deer would be coming right through the draw we were hunkered down in.  The anticipation was killing my 11 year old son.

Two Years in the Taking
Earl Garrison III

Back in the Summer of 2009  I was going to be hunting a City wide area hunt that happens every two years. It was Hot Mid summer time, and I set my feeder up early. I Wanted to get the deer coming to the feeder well before season. I set my Bushnell game camera up to watch what was coming in to eat. For weeks I pulled the chips from my camera and watched Doe after Doe feeding. Most of them coming in around 10am, and just before dark.

My 2010 Ohio Whitetail Hunt

Having retired in August of 2010 and failing to harvest an Elk during 1st rifle – no scratch failing – I learned a lot of what I need to do differently to be flexible in my hunting plans.  After coming home empty-handed and my wife seeing me moping around the house, she suggested I call Dad and make arrangements to go there over Thanksgiving and participate in the 2010 gun season for whitetail. I love my wife. She was working at the city hospital and going to school. She wasn’t going to be home much of the time anyhow. So I decided I was going. I love my wife.