West Virginia Hunting Photos & Stories

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Deer Camp
Doug Humphreys

At best it was a simple domicile.  The primary piece of architecture was a trailer that had undoubtedly been saved from the junkyard.  Built onto the wreckage was a ten-by-twelve room that added space enough for a table and chairs and provided adequate room for a woodstove.

Doug Humphreys

It sure didn’t seem like turkey season.  My fingers and ears stung from temperatures that had dipped below freezing overnight, the grass and leaves crunched under my boots from an early spring frost and there were way more snowflakes than redbud blossoms.  Of course springtime in the mountains of eastern West Virginia is delayed by a few weeks when compared to other areas with similar latitude due to high elevation and deep, well protected valleys.

West Virginia Once in a Lifetime Buck
Mark McDonald
Although the weather in Kanawha County, West Virginia put a damper on opening day I was able to harvest this once in a lifetime buck on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 in Kanawha county. It is a 10 point with a 21 inch spread and very heavy mass.
10 Point West Virginia Deer
Jerry E Trent II
10 point deer, rifle kill, taken the first day of gun deer season in Raleigh County, West Virginia on November 19, 2007.
Korean Pheasant Hunt
Elisse & Dan Clark
My husband and I hunted pheasant recently (March 2008) on Jeju Island, in Korea! Dan is US Army Retired, and had told me how he had hunted there when he was stationed in Korea many years ago... back when Jeju (or Cheju as it is sometimes spelled) was basically wilderness... Jeju Island is now a vacation paradise of 5-star resorts, but there is still hunting (even for foreign tourists!) at the Daeyoo Land Hunting Preserve! I was planning our very belated "Honeymoon" in Asia, and I was determined to finally get to go hunting with my husband!