Washington Hunting Photos & Stories

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From Coyotes to Crows
Heather Moore
After our month long archery season in Oregon ended, my husband and I hadn't gotten enough hunting in. Since I was the only one that got a deer, and he had to wait until late season to try and archery hunt again, we had to find something to fill our time. Our friend had just gotten a new coyote caller, and we thought we would give it a try. We had seen a few coyotes when we were archery hunting and thought the area would be good to try, who knows, maybe we would see that bear we had on our game camera.
2007 Washington Archery Buck
Lucas Johnson
This 4x4 whitetail buck was taken during the 2007 archery season in eastern Washington state; Okanogan County.
Dave's Washington Moose
Dean Justice
This is my buddy Dave's (we call him Tarzan) moose which he tagged in Eastern Washington in November of 2003. This isn't the prettiest picture, but it just came home today.
Washington Blacktail Buck
Donnie Stenson
I was hunting 20 minutes outside Enumclaw Washington. When the morning hunt was coming to an end, I was getting up to leave, I spotted this nice 4 x 4 blacktail had just popped his head out of the tree line. From 175 yards away I shot, perfect shot. It was one of the most exciting days of my life!
First Elk Bow Hunt
Dave Nolan
After rifle hunting the giant Roosevelt Elk in the Olympic Peninsula region of Washington State for years, with reasonable success, a friend of mine, a local hunting and fishing guide, suggested that if I would like to hunt with him, I would have to switch to archery.
Washington State Blacktail Buck
Harry Prothero
"You can hunt a long time in the wrong place!" "Some of the best spots are overlooked!" You may have heard these sayings. However, have you heard? "You see more Bucks when you're not hunting!" You only need to talk to a few old timers to hear all the anecdotal evidence that; deer know when the season starts and in fact they know what weapon you have in your hand.