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East Coasty Hunting Tale
Mike Skelly

In inland Washington they view folks from the coast like we in upstate New York think of folks from New York City.  To be called a "Coasty" is a mild insult meaning that you are somewhat incompetent.  I'm an east coasty.  But I had a great hunting trip in Eastern Washington thanks to Arrowflipper and our mutual friends. 

The Old Log Cabin

On the 15th of June, 2011, my friend Matt and I drove over the Cascade Mountains to do a little scouting for this year’s deer season.  It was our intent to do some trout fishing as well as go on a long hike into our hunting area to check for deer and make plans for the upcoming season.  We were going to stay in an old cabin for two nights...

John Fredrick Timms was born on March 4th, 1849 in Hanover, Germany.  He was one of 6 children.  At 17, he and his brother William moved to America to avoid going into the German Army which was mandatory of every young man.

The Race Was On

I can still hear the music of the hounds as they sang "treed" across the canyon.  Their voices had changed from the erratic bawling and howling to a series of staccato barks no longer moving through the dense underbrush and trees of the lush countryside.  This was what I'd come to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington to hear; the announcement by a pack of hounds that they had treed a bobcat.

A Bird for a Bird

In April of 2010, my wife and I, along with our oldest daughter, flew across the country to Maryland to take part in the ceremony of our son Kevin becoming a Bird in the Army.  What an incredible experience that was!

In March of 2011, I received a call from the Bird, telling me he was speaking at a sports medicine conference in SLC at the end of April and if things worked out, he was thinking about swinging up to Washington to spend a few days with the family.  Knowing how to lure him in, I asked if he was interested in doing a little turkey hunting while here.  He was on his way. 

Washington Mule Deer Hunt
Jason V.

Slowly lowering myself out of sight behind the large snow covered boulder we’d been using as cover for the previous four hours since sneaking our way into position well before daylight. Poking my head around the corner just enough to come into view of my hunting partner and best friend Eric Foyle. He was using the north facing side of the rock to conceal him as he looked over a group of seven deer moving southwest of us into a location a lot of deer in the area used for bedding during daytime.

The Turkey Hunter

The day dawned clear and cold as the hunter prepared to leave on his first wild turkey hunt.  His mind was spinning with visions of large tom turkeys strutting in front of a hen decoy....  Looking down from his stand in the trees, the muscles in his upper back and arms strained as he ever so slowly raised his Matthew's bow and drew the string.  Seventy pounds of pull seemed like a hundred as the adrenaline of the moment took its toll. His breathing came fast and hard and his heart pounded like the beating of wings as he waited for the right moment.

My First Coyote
Mike Skelly

In 2007 I had my first western hunt in eastern Washington state.  While hunting mule deer (see the story “Ultimate Muley”) I experienced the wide open spaces of the western sage country.  Glassing over miles of terrain was an entirely new way of hunting for me.  It was also my first experience with seeing and learning the habits of the elusive coyote.

Ultimate Sportsmen Muley
Mike Skelly

Among my earliest memories are a longing to see far away places and to write about them.  God has blessed me by allowing me to travel from my childhood home in the northeastern United States to hunt places as far apart as interior Alaska and southern Africa. And to return safely home again from each.  The second part of the dream was helped to fruition by Jon Hedin of UltimateSportsmen.com when he selected a couple of my adventures for inclusion in his second anthology of hunting and fishing stories ‘More Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen’.

16 Point Washington Whitetail
George Webster
I was hunting with my brother-in-law in unit #101 (Sherman unit, Washington) the late archery whitetail deer season. We had left my truck about half way from the top of the mountain. I was hunting back to my truck and using a grunt call and working down very slow.
Elk Scouting, Calling and Hunting
Joel King
All of us know the feeling when you have made that perfect shot on a big elk. The rush of emotions run wild and you can't help but give a loud shout to the hunting gods. We also know the feeling when weeks of scouting and hunting end with a tan hind quarter running the wrong direction. Either way it all starts with the early season scout.