Virginia Piebald Whitetail Buck

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Photos of my piebald buck that I was able to take on opening day of general firearms season in Bedford County, Virginia. He is an 8 pointer, 22" wide outside, 20" inside and weighed about 180 pounds.

We did actually catch this buck on trail cams a few times over the last couple months. Below is a trail cam photo from the night before I took him. The trail camera is about 500 yards south of the box stand I was sitting in and he came out of a field about 500 yards north of my stand. I noticed something in the field in the early dawn light but couldn't make out what it was. Then it moved into a patch of hardwoods that are about 200 yards from my stand just as the sun started to creep up. As soon as the light hit him I saw the white all along the belly through my binoculars and knew it had to be him.

He worked through the patch of woods as the sun barely made it up and was heading to the patch of pines that I knew to be a popular bedding area. I had to take him on the move, through the trees at 228 yards. He dropped in his tracks and I found later that I had shot him right through the heart.

Trail cam photo.


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absolutly beautiful.

absolutly beautiful.

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Awesome trophy buck!!!!!

Awesome trophy buck!!!!! Great story.