Vermont Hunting Photos & Stories

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The Bronco Buck

Everyone has a first deer story, or a funny deer story, but I have a first deer and funny story together.  It did not end up being MY first deer, but it was the first deer I was involved with.

First Deer, a Happy Thanksgiving and a Broken Nose

Well, the year was 1992, and I had been hunting for 7 or 8 years without having yet shot a deer.  I was away at college, and was able to return to Vermont for the week of Thanksgiving.

A Pair of Vermont 8 Point Bucks
Joe Wascholl
My father and I were both in our stands early in November. It was warm all season and when the cold snap hit the rut must have been hot. After a few hours I could not believe my eyes, a great 8 pointer buck, I was so excited. After harvesting the deer I could not wait to tell my dad.
Anthony's Vermont Moose
Anthony Ramondo
I shot this moose in southern VT by West Dover. Last year I put in for a tag and to my surprise I received one!