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The 45 Year Buck
Sean McV

Well, 45 years ago, that’s where this story starts.  6 years before my birth, when my Dad was 19 years old, his father passed away.  He was a big farmer and hunter.  As with most cases, the tools of the trade went to the oldest son. My dad was the youngest of 4 boys, and they all had sons, so to get to my Dad, well, he wasn’t holding his breath. But, as luck would have it, just before last hunting season, my Dad received a call, and shortly thereafter, he was in possession of his father’s gun.

Late Start Memory

Sportsmen hunt all different kinds of game and I'm no exception. Turkey hunting is another sport which I ended up falling in love with but didn't start turkey hunting until later on in life.

Spring Double

It was early April and turkey season was opening on May 1st. The snow had finally melted away and it was finally time to start my spring scouting for turkey sign. With the landowner's permission I loaded my 4-wheeler into the back of my truck and headed up to the farm to just ride the many trails that went through the property. I was looking for tracks left in the damp areas of the logging roads by wandering birds.

My Vermont Moose Hunt
Mike Skelly

Moose 2009

Prelude and planning:

Ten years ago I went to Alaska to hunt moose.  I saw cows and young moose every day, but my tag only allowed me to take a mature bull.  I came home grateful for the chance to have seen the magnificent wilderness of interior Alaska, but I came home without a moose. 

Dad's Big Eight

Back in the late 80’s, my father and I had permission to hunt a good sized chunk of land close to our house in northern Vermont.  We saw lots of good deer there, and very few hunters.  However, all that changed when we actually shot a deer or two.  Word got out, and as it always happens, more hunters found their way into the property.  The owner didn’t seem to mind giving out permission, since he lived 50 miles away and never really visited the property.  He never thought about the effect that lots of hunters would have.

The Saga of the Gun - Gramp's Big Buck

It all started in the mid-40’s.  My Grandfather was stationed in Europe, and before he came home at the end of the war, he picked up a nice side by side 12 gauge.  He was a hunter by necessity, as at that time, most of the people living in the country in America still hunted for food.  It was just part of the way of life.

The "Falling Down" Buck

The year was 2000, and the rifle season in Vermont was coming up fast.  Over the past 15 years or so, I had shot 2 deer.  However, neither of those deer had been while my father was in the woods with me.  One both occasions, Dad had harvested his deer earlier in the season, so when I got home to hunt, I was on my own.

The 26 Minute Twins

Well, it’s 1993.  I am a year removed from my first deer ever.  The year prior, I had shot a nice little 6 point, in a new spot my Dad had hooked us up with.  He had also shot a nice 8 point prior to my arriving for the hunt that year.

The Bypass Buck

Like most outdoorsmen, one of the most important parts of the hunt for me is the pleasure of being with family and friends. It is an experience that I look forward to every year. Whether it is my father coming out here to shoot doves and ocean fish, or me going back east to hunt whitetails, it’s an exciting time. Since I am 3,000 miles away, he does all of his archery hunting and part of his rifle season without me, so we have rarely been in the woods together when one of us was successful.

Making Memories With Gramps

As I sit here going through old photos, I replay so many things over and over in my head.  My first hunt, my first deer, funny stories.  One that always sticks in my mind is my first time in the woods with my Grandfather, Dad, and uncle together up in northern Maine.