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Cow Elk? Yeah!

I used to be a hunter that didn't see the point in hunting the antlerless.  I thought it took a big portion of the sport away from hunting because there wasn't anything to hunt for, I mean, who cares how big a cow is, where's the horns? But every year it seems that much more difficult to draw any sort of a tag, and the Utah general season Elk hunts are extremely difficult.  So, I picked up a general tag and took to the hills for an antlerless.  Boy was it worth it!  It's not quite the same as walking up on a nice buck or bull (I've not been lucky enough to know what it feels like to walk up on a big bull of my own yet), but, it was a lot of fun. 

Heart Attack Elk

This is a story about my brother in law who like me had been putting in for an elk tag for the Book Cliffs in Utah for what seamed like forever. I had drawn my tag the year before and had taken a nice 7x6 bull at 7:05 on the opening morning but that is another story.  When the notifications came out we found out that he had drawn his tag for the hunt so the planning started. Then on a Wednesday morning towards the end of May I got a phone call.  My brother in law was headed to the hospital for open heart surgery.

Surprise Buck

This is a very short story from 2005 that I will call the surprise buck. We like to hunt high desert areas for mule deer. Lots of sagebrush and Aspens and scattered with Cedar trees. The particular area we were hunting in 2005 was public land that surrounded a small ranch. We had just completed a small drive through a large stand of Aspens with no luck other than a few does.

Work or Hunt and Taking It Easy

1997 found me in an awkward situation when hunting season rolled around. The opening day was moved to mid week and like most of us, I had to work. Now to me opening day is a religious holiday. You can take away my whole hunt but just give me opening day. My work schedule was 8-5 most days but quite often the opportunity to work overtime to make a delivery deadline came around. I was in luck today. Around 4:30 in the afternoon we had a delivery come in that had to be made that night. The customer was 4 hours away, so I struck a deal with the boss.

Friends, Lessons and Antelope

In 1994 my  buddy, Corey, and I decided it would be fun to hunt Antelope here in Utah. We knew it was extremely hard to draw a buck tag so we put our applications in for a doe tag in an area we have never even been to. After the draw results found us successful we started to what we call "The Plan". Of course the plan was, there is no plan. We arrived at our "campsite" well after dark and pitched the tent, fixed some dinner and hit the sack super excited for our luck to have this tag.

Southern Utah Cheater Buck
Clark Peterson
This 30" cheater mule deer buck was taken in Southern Utah during the general archery hunt in 2008.
Utah Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
Cody Barton
This pronghorn antelope was shot on the Parker Mountain/Plateau limited entry unit in Central Utah. It is 13.5 inches tall and scored 74 B&C. It was taken after many botched spot and stalk attempts. Finally we were able to get set up in an area where they came in to us and he was taken at 100 yards with a rifle.
From Coyotes to Crows
Heather Moore
After our month long archery season in Oregon ended, my husband and I hadn't gotten enough hunting in. Since I was the only one that got a deer, and he had to wait until late season to try and archery hunt again, we had to find something to fill our time. Our friend had just gotten a new coyote caller, and we thought we would give it a try. We had seen a few coyotes when we were archery hunting and thought the area would be good to try, who knows, maybe we would see that bear we had on our game camera.