Turkey Hunting Photos & Stories

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New York Turkey Hunt Success
Jordan Widrick
This turkey I shot on the on the fourth day, of my first spring turkey season in New York. I was set up on a good a roosted tom, but little did I know that he had about 10 or 20 hens with him. So as soon as he hit the ground I did a few soft yelps and clucks but he paid no attention to me, he just followed the hens out of of gun range.
California Gobbler
Rob Morello
Connor Morello, age 11 shot his first Gobbler this season in California. The tom took about 30 minutes to work into a 20 yard - 1 shot kill. Dad got to experience the hunt by sitting directly behind Connor as this big bearded 9 inch tom strutted his stuff. Connor said " prior to this hunting bunnies was great, but calling in turkeys is UNBELIEVABLE, it's now my number 1 sport".
Wrong Decoy
Amy Kriner
This past Christmas my Dad's Christmas wish list included a turkey or rabbit decoy. Being the daughter of this Pennsylvania hunter, I set off to the local sporting goods store to buy his gift. I was looking at a rabbit decoy and two turkey decoys. After studying the two turkey decoys and not seeing any real differences, I made my selection and off I went.
Evolution of a Turkey Hunter
Ian McCleary
Canada is not known for Her turkey hunting - but She's getting there! Turkey's were pretty much extinct here 20 years ago but thanks to the efforts of the NWTF and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, turkey's have been reintroduced and are now flourishing. Turkey hunting is difficult and demanding at the best of times - more so I think when you're starting from scratch. Those of you whose grandfathers and fathers taught you how to call, how to place decoys, when to move, when to stay put, when to call and when to shut up have an enormous advantage over those of us who are new to the game. It's like trying to read War and Peace before learning See Spot Run!