Turkey Hunting Photos & Stories

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Going the Distance for Colorado Turkey

The two years prior to this last spring's turkey hunt I had found an awesome place to chase turkeys that didn't require me to drive halfway across the state. In other words, I had it made. But that all changed when, on a late winter scouting trip, a landowner informed me that he'd no longer be allowing access through his property to the isolated block of national forest that I wanted to hunt. At that moment, I knew I had quite a few hours of work behind the screen of a computer scouting for alternate backpacking routes into the area.

Missouri (Cow Pie!) Turkey Hunt
Jason Bilyeu
I have never had to work so hard for a turkey. While walking out of a small patch of open woods and into the field, I watched a turkey head running across the field away from me; I reminded myself I needed to get my head in the game. About two steps later is when I saw the turkeys, one gobbler in full strut and two others on the other side of the fence I was walking beside, about 100 yards essentially directly in front of me.
Arizona Youth Turkey Hunt
Fred Broadus
Christian (12) and James (10) Broadus tagged these 2 nice toms on the second day of their turkey hunt. We started out Friday morning and spent the day trying to locate a tom without any success.
Aquatic Tactics for Spring Time Gobblers
Pete Muennich
Spring time can be a very frustrating time for a college student in Bozeman Montana. Choosing between fishing, hunting, hiking, and spring time skiing can be a really difficult decision. This weekend I opted to head east to hunt down some Merriam turkeys. I had recently gotten private property permission from a friend at school to hunt his family ranch along the Yellowstone River. I was accompanied by my two hunting buddies Keith and George.
Ontario Turkey Hunting Success
Aaron Masse
I'm a new Hunter at 44 years and this was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I went out Turkey hunting and I was out about three times, outside a little town in midwestern Ontario Canada. I went and put a decoy about 20 yards in front of me and sat beside a small tree the sun was just coming up, and I sat for about 30 minutes, never heard or seen anything so I got up and moved my decoy walked up and down the field, went and sat back down again, called a couple time and nothing.
Arkansas Double-Bearded Tom
Scott Pettit
My morning started out the same as the past mornings in south Arkansas. No birds gobbling at daylight, so I sat listening. Not a sound in ear range for more than two hours. Trying all the calls in my pack with my alum slate in hand. There he was 300 yards away talking back, then 200 yards.
New York Turkey Hunt
Andy Steiner
I harvested this gobbler on May 6, 2008 at 5:45 in the morning. My partner and I walked across an open field to get set up long before sunrise, but the bird started gobbling at 5:20. Go set up with B-mobile strutting tom decoy and she mobile hen decoy. We were literally set up in some brush just sitting on our knees (no big trees) when we heard the bird fly down and start triple gobbling to the light yelps and purrs I gave him.
Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler
Randy Wertz
This is a Tom I shot this spring Gobbler season in Pennsylvania. It was without a doubt the most difficult hunting I've ever done. I hunted hard every day trying to get lucky with this old boy and finally it happened. I really got obsessed with turkey hunting just a year ago but this is the first mature turkey I've ever gotten. I'm proud of having the grand opportunity to have had so much fun going after him.
Rhode Island Youth Turkey Hunt Success
Wyatt Detonnancourt
Well it's that time of year and in the state of Rhode Island a 2 day junior season was offered 4/26 and 4/27. On opening day 4/26, 13 year old Wyatt Detonnancourt hit the woods with his dad and managed to hit the call and bag this 16 3/4 pound 10" bearded gobbler, sporting 1" plus spurs. Not bad for his first day out!
North Carolina Turkey Hunt
Patrick Murphy
6am finds me on schedule to my first listening location. The air is cool and sharp, there's no wind. The thick smoke from my breath hovers around my head as I stop to listen. It seems thick enough to convince me it's hampering my hearing, so I tip toe and listen rather then stand still.