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Humans Aren't the Only Animals That Like Turkey

Turkey hunters have their fair share of things going against them. It is hard enough to just find a place where you can chase these gigantic thunder chickens; especially out here in Colorado where birds like to stay on or as close to private land as possible. Turkeys have eyesight that is second to none adding to the difficulty of taking a mature longbeard. Thier hearing is good as well and if a hunter shifts his weight inadvertantly, a pesky pine cone can end his dreams of fried turkey breasts.

Mike's First Rio
Scott Scherer

It started over twenty years ago when I first met my new hunting buddy. At the time it was just a guy coming into my bait shop every day buying worms and fishing supplies. Then one day we stated to talk about hunting Deer and Turkeys, that’s when I finally found out that Mike and I had more in common than I thought. Mike has always produced a 140 or 150 class deer every year since I’ve known him. He has also got many deer in the 160 range. You can always expect Mike to come up with a great turkey every year also.

Patience and Luck

The 2006 spring turkey season had begun a couple of weeks earlier and I had already bagged a nice jake on the second Saturday of the season.  I planned on hunting again on another Saturday morning and was messing around with my gear in the garage when my oldest son came out and asked “Whatcha doin’?” I gave him that “here’s your sign” look and then realized he was actually interested in what I was doing. I started showing him my gear and calls, which resulted in answering multiple questions.

2 Jakes for JimBob
Jim Boyd

The cool pre-dawn hour was still and calm on that March morning in the LowCountry of SC… the dew lay heavy on the grass and made walking across the fallow field almost silent.

Burdened by what seemed like a preposterous amount of gear (just to chase a darn bird), I made my way across the field.

Good Lord, I thought….seat, blind material, stakes, 2 decoys, shotgun, slate call, box call, reed calls, owl call, crow call, Thermacell, coffee thermos, flashlight, face net, gloves – what ELSE could you possibly need????

The Push Button Call and a Sick Little Boy

Since my first son was born, 4 years ago, I have been waiting (not so patiently) until he was old enough to accompany me to the woods.  My wife is a full fledged city girl, and she tolerates my hunting, but could care less about it.  So it would be all up to me to get him motivated and into the sport, and she said as long as I didn’t “force” it upon him, she was fine with it.

Who Needs Turkey?

When I first started hunting many years ago with my father I had one thing on my mind when I went out... come back with something. No matter what I was hunting for I measured the success of a hunt by how heavy my game pouch was or what I had at the end of the rope I was dragging behind me. As I grew older I began to realize that it wasn't what I harvested but rather just the fact that I got out at all. I would be content sitting in a tree stand watching a family of racoons walk past or a squirrel climbing up my tree.

Father and Son's First Turkey Hunt

My son and I wanted to give turkey hunting a try. It was the spring of 2004. I had never been turkey hunting but I did shoot a hen once when I was deer hunting. We bought a few videos and read some magazines to get a few tips for the upcoming youth season. We also took in the annual Deer and Turkey Expo and attended several different turkey hunting seminars. Where we hunt our deer we had seen a large number of turkeys in the fall and seen some very nice gobblers. I bought a box call and practiced with it a little.

Father and Daughter Hunt
Scott Scherer

The memories of a Father and Son hunt are Awesome but the memories of a Father Daughter hunt are SPEECHLESS. But I'm going to try and tell you anyway.

I was getting ready to take a few clients out west on a Turkey hunt and they asked if I would hunt with them. I told them that my tags were filled but I'm here for them not me. We later that night after supper thought it would be awesome to take my Daughter(CJ) out of school and take her on her first ever turkey hunt.

My First Longbeard!

The first day of turkey hunting in 2008 was a real doozie: 6 miles of steep, up and down ridge country, 70 degree temperatures, lots of gobbles and my first turkey.

2009 Colorado Turkey Hunt

As it did in 2008, success found me before the second weekend of the spring turkey hunt in 2009. It seems as though I am plagued with taking turkeys on opening day and then not being able to chase them for the rest of the season. It is bitter-sweet dilemma I guess. I am just going to have to start being more choosey and possibly switch to using a bow. Or maybe my luck will just run out.