Tonsina River Alaska Grizzly

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I caught this bruiser fighting with another grizzly in May of 2002. The skull came in about one and quarter inches short of going B&C. It had prime hide and, as you can see, the longest claws are nearly five inches in length. Hide squares about eight feet nine inches. It was taken in the Tonsina River drainage about sixty miles north of Valdez, Alaska.


grizzy bear

It’s nice to this post. I really appreciate for you to hunting a large grizzy bear, which is really horrible. The photos that you have posted in this essay writing services are good and the bear looks like a real one. Keep posting your hunting experience in this blog.

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great trophy

That is an absolutely great trophy you have there along with a great life experience you were lucky enough to enjoy. There is nothing easy about taking a large grizzly bear, IMHO. I know the initial sighting and subsequent hunt must have been absolutely exhilerating for you!

I felt I was lucky just to have just seen a large grizzly bear on my initial trip to Alaska this past spring. It was on my list of "hopes" and luckily for me it do come true. We were hunting black bear in the same region our outfitter had been successful on grizzly bear in, just a month previous. He and his hunters had taken a 10', a 9' and a 8.5' bear.

I cannot tell you just how big the one was we were lucky enough to just see, but it sure looked big.

Congratulations again on taking that very impressive trophy!

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That is a super nice bear, the claws are huge. I love the mount and the way he looks like he is coming out of the wall.

Congrats and nice job.

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Great grizzly, good job.

Great grizzly, good job.

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good looking Grizz

good looking Grizz

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