Three Hour Archery Antelope Hunt

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Another scorching hot August day found myself again in a blind attempting to ambush an antelope wandering in for a drink. There were a few differences this year from years past, that being there had been quite a few rain showers just prior to the August 15th opener, filling up all the ponds.

I'd changed locations this year by about a mile to the West of where I'd taken a great buck last year, I'd been seeing quite a few real good bucks in the area and had high hopes that one would offer me the opportunity at a shot. The down side was that the average shot distance this year on all the ponds I'd looked over was around 45 yards.

The first few days only produced one buck and two does. As September rolled around I put the antelope hunting business in the back of my mind and stepped out in pursuit of Elk and Deer.

September 27th, I found my self in town showing off the great deer I'd arrowed the day before. A friend of mine suggested that I head out and try and get my antelope. As he put it a (three for) meaning Elk, Deer and Antelope all with a bow.

Around 11:30 I rolled out of town, reaching my destination about an hour later and setting up my blind, rushing around trying to make sure I got everything in place before I tucked my truck away behind a few rolling hills and a mile off. As I dashed back to the blind I noticed a nice buck with about 7 does on the hill just to the North of my blind slowly wandering in the direction of the pond. As I jumped into the blind and zipped everything up I caught movement in the direction the antelope were. The big buck was chasing off a rival buck, the rival was very wide with very long horns but not too great in the weight category. The two ran every where except to the pond, during which the does stood on the hill watching. After the herd buck ran the intruder off he ran back up to the does, circled them up and pushed them over the top out of sight.

About half an hour later I noticed the does on top of the hill lining out heading towards the pond, about half way down the hill the wide buck came shooting out of no where in amongst the middle of them and was again chased off, again the herd buck rounded up the does pushing them to the top of the hill, where he laid down watching over the does.

The wide buck simply stood at the base of the hill, with his tongue hanging out and panting heavily. He was about 400 yards to the North of the pond at this point. As I watched he turned to face the pond and stood looking to the South. He started to ever so slowly walk in my direction, then he'd stop and stare past my location.

I started to glass in the direction he was looking, upon which I could only see the tops of a bucks horns over the pond dike. The wide buck continued to advance towards the pond, as he did I lost sight of the other bucks horns. Once the wide buck was about 100 yards out the other buck came up out of the draw to the East of the pond and was now totally visible out about 175 yards and closing. He was a good buck, he had mass, length and good prongs. It appeared that he was going to follow the wide one in for an afternoon drink.

The wide buck finally committed and came in hitting the North East corner of the pond once his head went down for a drink I ranged the edge of the water at 44 yards. The other one was coming in without delay and in no time was standing at the edge of the pond. He started in for a drink quartering towards me, as soon as his head began to go down for a drink I started to stretch the string on my bow, hitting my anchor point, and settling the forty yard pin just a touch high, I gently mashed the trigger on the release sending the arrow on its way, upon the loud thump the wide buck jumped, running up and over the pond dike leaving his buddy who had whirled to his right in the opposite direction making it about 10 yards before collapsing.

As I slowly made my way around the pond, I was in a little disbelief that I'd just taken a great buck and had been in and set up for only about 2 1/2 hours. The buck carried his mass up the entire length of his 14 inch plus horns, as well as having great prongs. Officially netting 77 0/8 P&Y, beating my trophy of last year by half an inch.

Equipment: Bow- PSE X-Force
Arrows- Blackhawk Vapor
Broadheads- Spitfire xp 100
Sight- Cobra Sure lock
Rest- Rip cord
Scott Release
Binos- 15x51 Brunton
Camo- Predator
Pack Timber hawk
Boots- Cabela's full draw
Blind- Ameristep


numbnutz's picture

very nice lope, look at those

very nice lope, look at those cutters and that mass.

ManOfTheFall's picture

Very nice buck!!!!! Great

Very nice buck!!!!! Great story!!!!!