Thanksgiving 2011 Hunt

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During these times of holiday festivities hunting can sometimes be a family affair or it can be put to the wayside for the time being.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a fairly uneventful day for us. My spouse and I decided that since it was a day off for me, and her as well, that we would go out and do a few things that we both like to do. I wouldn’t get to hunt as hard as I like but I would have good company, my wife and two dogs. I would also get to do some four wheel driving which gives me the perfect excuse to test my new tires.

As we got to the place I wanted to go I dropped the truck into 4x4 Low and proceeded down the “road”. The wife wanted to walk with the dogs and truth be told they were faster than I because I had to crawl over some rocks. The pictures don’t show it well but there were a few spots on that Forest Service Road that required technical driving.

We got to an area that I could park the truck and my wife continued down the road with the dogs while I took my varmint rifle and .22, that I was carrying in case I jumped a rabbit, and proceeded to hike to a nearby spot for calling. I didn’t call long but I did have fun. No game was seen when I was calling but being so close to a major metropolitan area I suspect that the predators are pretty well educated and have been hunted hard in the past.

Truth be told I was nervous about calling a bobcat in as I figured it would come from my rear and jump on my back. After playing with my call for a bit, fifteen minutes or so, I proceeded to try and find my wife. I managed to work on my tracking skills by hiking another fifteen or twenty minutes until I found her sitting in the shade of a tree. Of course the dogs gave her away as I knew when I found them that she would be nearby.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day spent with family and loved ones. I did that. It is also to be a day that one enjoys. That too was accomplished in that I love hunting, 4x4’ing, and spending time with my family. All in all it was an enjoyable day that allowed me to work on my calling, tracking, and selecting stand locations for predator calling. I even managed to be cognizant of the wind. The more time out in the desert, the more I appreciate and love it.


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A very nice quick story about

A very nice quick story about hunting on thanksgiving, and being thankful.  thanksgiving will always hold a special place in my heart, as I shot my first ever deer on Thanksgiving morning back about 20 years ago.  It was a great feeling, almost surreal, to be hanging a deer on that special day, with my parents and a cousin there.  Truly a blessing.

Thanks for the story.  Good to see you getting out ther for a nice hunt.

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A great story and thanks for

A great story and thanks for sharing it with us. I have never had the chance to do a Thanksgiving hunt myself as I usually work and then get home just in time for dinner. Even if I wqas off most of the family just wouldn't understand my being gone for awhile. No matter though as I get to hunt more than my fair share and my wife totally supports it. Spending time with the ones you love enjoying the things and places you love is really what it's allabout no matter what day it happens to be.

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  Sounds like you have a


Sounds like you have a great deal to be thankful for.  That is definitely a great thing.  I often think of how great we do have it - loved ones, spending time in the fields and woods enjoying what God has given us, and being able to do it all over again and again and again.  We sometimes take it for granted but then we get pulled back and the understanding and thankfulness comes rushing into our hearts and minds once more.

This is a great story and has pulled me back to realize just how thankful I am - my wife, my children, my life, and the ability to enjoy the outdoor almost whenever I want.  Thanks for sharing your story and your pictures.  I eagerly await the next one from you.


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Sounds like a perfectly good

Sounds like a perfectly good way to sopend tahanks giving to me.  I went goose hunting with the little geese that day but man did we have alot of fun.  Then we made it back in time for smoke turkey.  I cannot think of as better way to spend a holiday.

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Biker - it sounds like you

Biker - it sounds like you definitely had a day to be thankful for. Spending time out in God's great outdoors, doing a little hunting, and spending time with people you love - that's about as good as it gets, I would say.

I hear what you're saying about the "road" in that area. I've never been there, but I've been where it took us 2 1/2 hours to travel 8 miles by pickup. Crawling over rocks in 4-wheel low, 1st gear - being very careful not to let a tire slip off the side of a rock and bend your wheel, letting the air out. It can be a lot of fun, but it's not an easy task.

That looks like some very interesting country out there with a mixture of brush, trees, sand and rocks.

Thanks for your story.