Texas Post Oak Savanna 2006

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This is a Freestone County 12 point killed opening day by Tray Wenzel.

4:30am, the alarm clock goes off, coffee pot steaming, the camp house begins stirring with anxious hunters. This is the time of year my buddies, Sam, Cole, Rusty, John, Ryan, Lynn and I wait for all year long. 5:30am, the four wheelers begin to head off into the darkness in all directions. After the mile and half drive, I park my bike , and walk the hundred or so yards to my stand I can't help but think about what could be.

Sitting in my stand watching objects in the dark appear to move it seems as if the sun will never come up. As the sun finally breaks the horizon I can see several does in the pasture in front and to the left side of me. It must have been about 730am, I catch movement to my left. I look over and I can see a buck running nose to the ground right down a fence line 200 yards out, toward the does. I through my rifle up and slide it out the blind window about the time the buck stops for only a second and begins to take off again. I whistle at the buck, he stopped and looked in my direction. I squeezed the trigger on what was the biggest buck of my life. I watched the big buck drop without taking a step. As I climbed out of my stand and walked toward the buck he kept getting bigger and bigger Until I was looking down at 21 1/2 inch, 12 point buck with a couple of extra stickers and kickers.

The buck dressed at 140lbs and scored just over 150 gross B&C.


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Congrats, very nice buck.

Congrats, very nice buck.

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very nice texas buck

very nice texas buck

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Like that split brow tine