Texas Bull Elk

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Sunday morning November 21, I hunted the morning hunt and don't see much at all. It was damp and foggy and the deer just weren't moving so I head back to camp around 9:30am. I always hate Sunday morning after the morning hunt because all of my buddies and myself are packing up to leave. However this Sunday is different because I'm on vacation all week for Thanksgiving and will stay and hunt......11am, the rain comes.......Its quiet, everyone has left and I'm laying on the couch in the camp trailer watching a movie - the one where the girl and the guy find a lost tribe of Indians up in the mountains??? .....anyway, its pouring down rain, almost to the point where I'm starting to get worried....well the movie is over and I'm dozing on and off......I get up to get some water and look at my watch......2pm........the rain has just stopped......hmmmmmmmmmm. Well I can sit here and do nothing at camp or I can head out and sit in my stand and do nothing. So I put on my rubber boots, grab my gun and head out walking towards my stand.......Its muddy, the thin black mud that gets sooooo slick and has you sliding around like your on ice. So after days of rain and mist conditions don> '> t favor driving to our stands, so I take off walking. After 30 minutes of slow moving, peeking toward fences, looking down trails I reach my stand. I climb in, get settled and wait, and wait, an hour goes by and not even a bird is whistling, visions of the morning hunt begin to creep into my head...........I wait some more, look at my watch........4pm.......hmmmmmmmmmm. HOLD IT... something moved at the back of my hunting area..........a spot of brown out 175 yards.......bino's up ! I'm looking, I'm looking..........it's headed toward a patch of oaks that is easy to see through but not to get a shot through........I put my bino's down, and slid my Weatherby .270, Nikon 3X9X40 up and get ready.......looking, looking.......WHAT ! Do I believe my eyes........I see horns.......big horns....WHAT! He stops, looks around.........my heart is pounding out of my chest...........my breathing is just about to reach the out of control point and he begins to walk the 10 yards I needed him to........ "POW"! Did I aim good? Did I hit him good? What do I do ?????? I sat my gun in the corner of my stand, my heart pounding, my breath unsteady, my hands shaking and not believing what has just happened. Start to finish about 1 minute..........I sit for 10 minutes thinking I could be crazy? ! ? Did this really happen?.........I get out of my stand and walk circles around it, pacing back and forth for twenty minutes. I wanted to give him plenty of time to die, but leaving myself enough light to find him!

I have been on this lease near Blanco, TX for 7 years and we never, never see anything but deer.........so you can only imagine my astonishment when a 500lb, 4 X 5 BULL ELK walked out! Are you kidding me? WHAT ! When I finally walked down there I was afraid to go in the brush and look for him! I just didn't know what to expect, would he be down or just wounded. I called my father in law who came to help me, he didn't believe me, he first thought I was pulling his leg, then maybe that I shot an axis buck or a red stag. I found him only 40 yards from where I shot him piled up in the thick brush. WOW, I was speechless. I hit him about inch behind his shoulder and about 7 or 8 inches up from the bottom of his chest. After a few minutes of Fred and myself staring in amazement we had to call the landowner Brian for help. He arrived a few minutes later with a flatbed trailer and heavy wench. I think he was as amazed as we were. After taking pictures, we loaded him on the trailer and took him down to the shop area where we used a forklift to raise him up. I have told many friends and didn't have a single believer until they saw the pictures. After all, an ELK in our part of the hill country, behind a low fence, come on!


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Nice job on the bull elk.

Nice job on the bull elk.

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There is

There is some good eats!