Teacher's Trophy Deer Hunt

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On Saturday, October 27, 2007, I was honored when a friend called to ask if I would care to hunt that evening on a tract of his Meriwether County, Georgia land. Being a woman hunter, it was somewhat of an "acceptance" invitation into the mostly male participating sport.

I was told to bring my digital camera as I would most likely be taking a lot of pictures of wildlife since the rules were stringent on the criteria for shooting deer; 12 points or better, larger than a 200 lb. buck previously shot by the land owner and of course.....no does! So, I proceeded to climb the ladder into the very well equipped tower stand and settled in for the "photo" shoot.

Being prepared, I loaded my rifle, made sure the safety was on (of course), leaned it against one wall of the stand and clicked my camera on. I sat for only a brief time, when out walked a 10 point buck. He wasn't very large in weight, but he had a very nice rack. Even though it near killed me to let him go by, I snapped the camera to prove that I could exert "self control" and play by the rules. Shortly thereafter, I enjoyed the playing of a doe and small button buck and then became engrossed with a 6 point buck who seemed to enjoy being photographed. While this buck entertained me with his nibbling of leaves, eating the ground fare and proud stance, I reached to adjust my seat to keep him in camera site. When I looked up from pulling my seat forward, there he stood; the largest buck I had ever seen. I blinked five or six times to make sure my eyes were right, gently placed the camera down (somewhere), picked up my rifle, reversed the safety, aimed, said a prayer (smile) and fired. As you can see from the photos, my "first buck" didn't meet the 12 point minimum, but definitely met the weight requirement. At 219 lbs., this eight point buck kept me from suffering any "wrath" from the hunting club members.

Of course, no "first" buck story would be complete without some humor. After I shot this deer, I immediately called my "host" to tell him of my success. With a racing heart, dry mouth and shaking hands, I dialed his cell phone only to hear him whisper, "I can't talk right now". "I am watching two bucks spar, so I'll call you back." WHAT???? Well, I then called two others and after hearing, "Sure....I know you're kidding" or "I can't help you because I am out of town", I waited for someone to call me back as the sun began to set. Finally, my host called back and hearing the stress in my voice, he declared that he thought I was joking when I called earlier. At that point, he called a geographically closer hunting club member who came to my rescue. Others soon arrived to help load my "big boy" in the truck and congratulate me on my success. Still after one week, I continue to wear the grin you see in the photos.


ManOfTheFall's picture

Very nice buck. Good story.

Very nice buck. Good story.

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congrats on the nice looking

congrats on the nice looking deer.

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Nice Whitey

Great looking buck