Tanner's First Buck

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My name is Tanner Graham. I am 10 years old and this was my first Buck killed on Dec. 29, 2007. I shot the buck at 4:30 p.m. with my brand new New England firearms handi rifle 308 caliber. I was hunting with my grandaddy who had bought me the rifle for Christmas. My dad and I had hunted this field together for the past several days and only saw a handful of does and 1 small 3 point. On this day I decided I wanted to hunt with grandaddy and we left my dad in another area. A big doe came out in the field after watching a yearling for 30 mins. I put the crosshairs on the big doe and cocked the hammer and noticed movement behind her and there he was. I quickly moved the crosshairs to the buck and squeezed the trigger. The BIG Buck whirled back into the woods and we found him dead 15 yards into the woods. I was shocked as was my grandaddy. When we got back to my dad he was speechless. We never knew there was a deer this big where we were hunting. This was a day I'll never forget. The deer will score around 150 as an 8 point buck.WOW! I got this deer near Waterloo, Alabama. My tip to any child hunters is to go and be patient. I have hunted a lot this year. Everytime my dad heads out I do too!


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Great buck. Good job.

Great buck. Good job.

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Thats one heck of a deer!!

Thats one heck of a deer!! congrats Tanner