Successful Iowa Deer Hunts

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My Dad (Todd Trimble) is on the right with his 12 pointer, and I (Robert Drinkwater) his son on the left with my 13 pointer (my left hand is covering his drop tine). We are from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but were hunting in Keosauqua, Iowa. I shot mine at 7:30 am on opening day of shotgun he shot his at about 11:30 am same day; Dec. 6, 2008. They were shot about 500 yards away from each other on public land.


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Them are some great looking

Them are some great looking bucks. I just have one question, Did he really hunt in that pepsi uniform? LOL

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Awesome Bucks

I love that Iowa has the shotgun season. I live in Kansas and we do get some real nice deer here but it always makes me wonder what we could have if it was shotgun only.

Super nice bucks,Great Job

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great bucks!!! congrats

great bucks!!! congrats

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Awesome Bucks!!!!!

Awesome Bucks!!!!!