Spring New Brunswick Black Bear Hunt

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I've always loved bear hunting over any other game. Not to sure why it's been my fascination since I started hunting as a young boy, it must be in my blood. While living in New Brunswick I downed two nice black bears, one in the fall and one in the spring. Both journeys taught me a lot about the beasts and about hunting in general, I learned a lot walking the trails alone. 

The spring bear came from pure luck and desperation. My wife, my little baby and I headed out after I finished work on a Wednesday. I worked six days a week and you can't hunt on sundays during the spring in NB so I had very little time to hunt. So we all headed to a back road we've been going and laying bait on, because my little one was just that very little. 

We would drive a bit down the road and I'd get out with the rifle and start walking, my wife would slowly creep the car behind me staying about a hundred yards back. After a good long walk I got to the spot in view of the bait site a good two hundred yards out. Sitting in the cold wind not prepared for today's hunt in a t-shirt left me a bit shaky. 

Nothing was out there so I started walking to the bait to look for tracks. I got halfway there anxious to see what was around and I see the bear bolt out of the corner of my eye and into the tree line. I figure because it's a young bear I didn't completely blow this hunt, he's young and dumb, he'll be back for this bait. So we leave for a bit and come back. I sit in the wind for longer and nothing, so this time I walk a lot slower more silently towards the bait. 

At the same spot I blew it earlier I see something black, something out of the norm for the scenery. I freeze, he runs and I hit the ground and pull my bipod down on my Remington m700 .30-06. He comes back and leaves again, then the final time he walks right over the bait, my crosshairs land high behind his front shoulder and I pull the trigger. The bear ran almost a hundred yards before it dropped dead. I think he wanted to teach me a lesson in dragging a bear and purposely dropped himself in a swamp not even a four wheeler could get to. But it wouldn't be hunting if it was easy.  Little Bear.