South Carolina Trophy Buck

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I have been hunting in South Carolina for 9 years and had yet to shoot a trophy sized buck. Coming from Montana, I really didn't have high expectations, but didn't expect to be shut out for 9 years either. I would like to share this story of encouragement for those who have hunted for years and have not yet shot a decent buck.

This season I shot three bucks that are wall mountable, but one will forever stand out in my memory and those I hunt with regularly. On December 22, 2009 I decided I needed to harvest another deer. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was able to get in stand just at 4:30 PM which is a bit late.

After about 30 minutes, I sensed that I had movement behind me through a dense thicket. Sure enough, this monster buck came through the thicket into the hollow I was hunting over. I caught a quick glimpse of the buck through my peripheral vision and noted he was only about 40 yards away. I decided the best course of action was a quick placement of my Browning 308 and not hesitate to squeeze the trigger. I also estimated where I would have to take a second shot if need. It wasn't.

Finally after all these years and just one week to the end of the 2009 hunting season, I had harvested the largest buck I will likely ever shoot in South Carolina: a 190 lb whitetail, 10 point with a 22 inch spread. It is estimated to make the SC records books (will know this in March).

Patience and relaxing are key. I finally realized that hunting isn't just about the big kill, but rather the friendships garnered and simple enjoyment of the outdoors is why we do this. By putting my intense need to shoot the big buck behind me, I truly think my relaxed nature in the stand has afforded me the opportunity to shoot the big boys this year. What a wonderful sport. I am no longer called the: "Doe Master"!


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that is a very nice trophy

that is a very nice trophy

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Definitely a great buck and a

Definitely a great buck and a good story.

South Carolina Trophy Buck

Good for you, and cool story. That is a nice buck.


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WOW. very nice buck and great

WOW. very nice buck and great story, thanks for sharing. congrats